johnpaullucky7's No More Heroes (Wii) review

The PAL Version the one without blood

This is the UK review the version that features no blood just like the Japanese version. The game was published by Rising Star games and it was a shame that the blood was removed but anyway this game is still great.

The game is all about Travis Touchdown a guy who loves Manga and wrestling he is an assassin who must kill 10 other people to become the top guy. You play in a free rome city of Santa Destroy to enter fights you have to gain money which is where side jobs come into play. In this game you will be spending time earning money by going to the job centre and getting jobs such as Lawn Mowing, garbage collecting, filling up cars at a gas station, collecting coconuts and there is more. The other side job to the game is kill people to earn money this is at K Entertainment this will not be included on your rank only it only gives you money. You can also go to the GYM to build up your strength and thanks to the Wii control system it has been made fun. You also get shops where you can buy clothes and videos to gain more wrestling moves. To help you get around the city is your motorbike it looks good and has a bit of nitro to get you around a little more faster.

The city looks rather dead not much happens but does it really matter not really. As for the controls of the game they are very simple and totally makes great use out of the Wii control system specially when your fighting people with your Katana.

Travis really is a good character he is funny entertaining this whole thing is funny which is something that keeps me playing. The weapon you have during the game is a Beam Katana which is a great way to kill some enemies. The game is mixed in with anime style and a bit of retro stuff like at one point you play this retro game leading on the way to the 4th rank person.

Silvia Christel who Travis likes and she is part of tournament one of the main members who run it. Silvia to me is boring I hate her French accent (not offending anyone here) and non other annoys me Doctor Naomi would of been better to take her place she looks a whole lot better.

The game does feature crazy enemies from a magician, model, postman, even a 18 year old school girl. The people are funny the postman who is Destroyman is really funny one of my favorites in the game you will battle all these to the death.

In the UK version there is no decapitations or even blood instead you get black dust coming out of the body with coins coming out takes away the great effect that the American version has but no worries. The game still contains a whole load of swearing so this is not for your kids unless you don't really care, but you should care. The UK and Japanese version have the music video by Genki Rockets - Heavenly Star which is featured all the way in this game and good song to. This game did sell poor in Japan this to my mind was due to the less blood effect as you see in most Japanese movies they love blood and gore.

If you are looking for a wacky and crazy game pick up No More Heroes really it does not matter if its the bloodless version or the blood version because this is still an awesome game anyway. I just hope Goichi Suda aka Suda51 will make No More Heroes 2 cause Travis Touchdown is a fantastic character which I hope to see more of.


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