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Nowi is a character that appears in Fire Emblem: Awakening. Though she appears to be a girl in her young teens, she is actually a manakete, or a dragonkin, that is about a thousand years old. Despite her age, Nowi is of a childish temperament. She loves to play outside, eat candy, and play with her friends. However, her attitude masks the experience that's come with her true age.

If Nowi marries, she will give birth to a manakete daughter, Nah. She can also be Morgan's mother, but Morgan will not inherit the ability to turn into a dragon.


Nowi first appears in Chapter 8: The Grimleal, along with Gregor. She was captured and forced into to entertaining her captors by turning into her dragon form. However, she was able to escape and found by Gregor who only wanted to protect her. However, Nowi mistakenly thinks he is chasing her.



  • Avatar (male)
  • Fredrick
  • Stahl
  • Vaike
  • Donnel
  • Virion
  • Lon'qu
  • Gaius
  • Gregor
  • Libra
  • Henry
  • Kellam


  • Avatar (female)
  • Tharja
  • Cherche
  • Nah
  • Morgan (If Nowi is her mother)

Unit Data

Nowi's default class is a Manakete. She comes with the skill Odd Rhythm.

Avalable Class Sets

  • Manakete - No Promotions - Max level is 30
  • Mage - Promotes to Sage or Dark Knight
  • Wyvern Rider - Promotes to Wyvern Lord or Griffon Rider
  • Bride - Requires Wedding Bouquet

* indicate default class


To be filled in later.


  • Now's conversation with Tharja in the Harvest Scramble DLC is altered in the European version.

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