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Nozomi Suemitsu calls himself the "Gourmet King." He is known with that title not because of his excessive food consummation, but because he claims to have an extensive knowledge of food. Stout and overweight, he is socially uncomfortable with his size and lives in his brother's shadow. The Moon Arcana Social Link can be established with him. The player is informed of Nozomi from Kenji. He tells of a student who is known as the Gourmet King. The player has to have at least reached the "Unpolished" charm level to get his attention.


The main character meets Nozomi in Paulownia Mall, and the two start hanging out together. At first, Nozomi inferiorly treats the main character, but as the Social Link advances, Nozomi starts to open up to him. He also starts talking about "Paradise," because he's tired of the world around him, and invites the main character to join him. But later on, many people claim that Nozomi scammed a few people for their money. They also warn the main character that he could be next. Nozomi then deserts him to be with a few people he recruited to Paradise. The main character has to step in to save him from these people, who were the same ones warning him about Nozomi's involvement in the scams. Nozomi regrets all the terrible things he said to Minato and he later reveals that he has always felt inferior to his late twin brother. His brother had the athletic body and abilities, the popularity, everything that Nozomi envied and felt he could not live up to him.

Max Social Link

Nozomi Suemitsu as the Moon Arcana Social Link.
Nozomi tried everything to sort of impress his brother, but he failed at the things his brother was good at and he was not. He admits that sometimes he would hit his own brother for no reason (even though he does it our of jealousy). Still, his twin brother always treated him with love and respect. Nozomi then realizes that he and his late twin are different from each other, and decides to become a food critic, since he is good at what he does. Someday, he promises that he can finally tell his brother that he finally accomplished something all on his own.

After the Moon Arcana Social Link is maxed out, the persona Sandalphon can be fused in the Velvet Room. Sandalphon is an angel of God who watches over holy songs, and is also Metatron's twin brother. 

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