Stranger's Wrath HD Trailer

#1 Posted by Timing (634 posts) -

Looks pretty good to me. I really liked the original Xbox version and would gladly play it again in HD. Also, the developers have apparently

also completely updated the user interface, added some easter eggs into the game, and a whole raft of unlockable extras — some never seen before, and some rarely seen.

Game's (finally) supposed to be out this fall. I'm looking forward to it.

#2 Edited by Forcen (2125 posts) -

I bought this on a Steamsale, and i have yet to play it becase I'm waiting for the HD Patch. Looking forward to it.

#3 Posted by Hector (3514 posts) -

When exactly is this coming out?

#4 Posted by Gazmiller (32 posts) -

still reckon they should bring Abe back......

#5 Posted by jakob187 (22335 posts) -

Stranger's Wrath is one of those games that proves how far good art direction can go in keeping a game looking beautiful past its original generation.

#6 Posted by IAmNotBatman (688 posts) -

I completed and loved both Abe games but never played this, looking forward to picking this up.

#7 Posted by AlmostSwedish (681 posts) -

Wasn't this completely broken on PC?

#8 Posted by ShaggE (7150 posts) -

Sadly, the PC version soured me on this game. (and Munch)

I know there's two great games under the pile of port-poo, but I just... can't. At least I have even more copies of Exoddus and Oddysee out of it.

#9 Posted by OzGamer (11 posts) -

nice to see the return of the franchise but would enjoy even more the return or Abe :-P

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