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Old Gods of Asgard is a band featured in Alan Wake. The band was heavily influenced by Norse mythology, hence the band members' stage (and later, legal) names, as well as their stage show, which included a full-size Viking ship. They put out several albums in the 70s, and though they never achieved long-lasting popularity, put out a gold record and maintain a cult following. They aid in Alan Wake's escape from Cauldron Lake Lodge, and their farm in Bright Falls is Alan's next destination.


Odin Anderson

Tor Anderson

"Fat" Bob Balder

Loki Darkens

Significance in Alan Wake

Alan first meets Odin and Tor in the Oh Deer Diner at the beginning of Alan Wake. Their story significance begins later, when Alan is institutionalized in the Cauldron Lake Lodge by Emil Hartman. While Alan is questioning his sanity, Odin and Tor are the first to confirm Alan's suspicion that the events he remembers actually happened. Near the beginning of the Dark Presence's attack on Cauldron Lake Lodge, Tor attacks head nurse Nurse Sinclair, providing an opening for Alan to make his escape.

Later, Alan travels to the Anderson farm in search of safe haven and more answers, and, with Barry's help, fends off an attack by the Taken using the band's old stage and pyrotechnics. Alan takes refuge in the Anderson farmhouse, where he takes a cue from an old Old Gods record (and Odin and Tor's moonshine) on where to go next.


The Memory of the Slaughter (1971)

Follow Me Underground (1972)

Alone at My Own Wake (1973)

The Unraveling of Reason's Skein (1975)

The Black Rider Cometh (1976)

In the Valley of My Shadow (1978)

Poets of the Fall

Old Gods of Asgard's songs in Alan Wake ("Children of the Elder God" and "The Poet and the Muse") are performed by Poets of the Fall, a Finnish rock band.

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