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One Must Fall: Battlegrounds, developed by Diversions Entertainment, is the sequel to One Must Fall 2097. The game keeps many iconic mechanics from the first game while introducing a few new changes, the biggest of which being the transition to full 3D arena based combat with up to eight players per match.

Elements returning from the original game include the separate selection of pilots and H.A.R.'s, arena hazards, pre-fight banter between pilots, single player tournament mode with multiple story based tournaments to play through, and a number of pilots make a return appearance as well.

Single Player Tournaments

The single player portion of this game is divided into multiple tournaments, each having preset match arrangements which include match type, opponents, in-match dialog, and any special rules certain matches might have (i.e. "H.A.R.'s are covered in acid and will lose health," "Nukes are exploding all over the arena," and "Opponent can only be destroyed by a Super Move.").

As tournaments are completed, more unlock. The following tournaments are visible from the beginning of the game:

  • North American Open
  • IFL Cup
  • Ultimate Warrior
  • World Open
  • Training
  • Practice


Pilot selection determines fighting stats and color scheme of the player's H.A.R. during a match. These stats are:

  • Attack - Determines the strength of the player's attacks.
  • Agility - Affects the overall speed of the player's H.A.R.
  • Endurance - The defense stat, affecting damage taken and stun tolerance.
  • Focus - This stat determines how quickly the energy bar will build during battle, as well as the tracking ability of projectiles.

There are 20 different pilots available for multiplayer matches. Pilot selection in single player is limited depending on the selected tournament.

  • Christian
  • Crystal
  • Dawn
  • Elizabeth
  • Jerry
  • Kegan
  • Milano
  • Timor
  • Walther
  • Xante
  • Brick
  • Cho-Dox
  • Ciaren
  • Dr. Lithius
  • Gracy
  • Jormund
  • Professor
  • Sato
  • Spike
  • Stacy
  • Raven
  • Velocity


There are 8 different H.A.R.'s to choose from, and each has a unique fighting style, move list, and 4 different paint design chose between.

  • Chronos - Uses time-dilation technology for combat.
  • Force - Uses magnetic field manipulation in various ways.
  • Gargoyle - Is the only H.A.R. capable of extended periods of flight.
  • Jaguar - An all-around fighter that uses sharp claws and lunging attacks.
  • Katana - This H.A.R. has blades for hands.
  • Mantis - Can produce small drone robots that move and attack independently.
  • Pyros - Primarily uses flamethrower based attacks.
  • Warlord - The right and left arms and independently change between four different hands, each of which offers different combat options.


There are 12 arena available to do combat in, and each one offers one or more hazards that all competitors will have to contend with.

  • Arctic Depth
  • Blast Furnace
  • Dante's Chasm
  • Inferno
  • Laser Ball
  • Mt. Hai Shiro
  • Neo Vegas
  • Pharaoh's Fire
  • The Blade Pit
  • The Desert
  • The Power Plant
  • The Space Station

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