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Start your very own restauraunt

Order Up! was developed by Super Villain Studios and published by Zoo Games as budget priced Wii title. In the game you start a restauraunt in the fictional town of Port Abello with the goal of earning a five star rating. You will do this in gameplay that is similar to both Cooking Mama and Diner Dash.


Order Up! is made up of timed mini games and multitasking. You will particapate in challenges, similar to Cooking Mama, where you will prepare food. The game has frantic gameplay where you will be juggling food orders and other restaraunt responsibilities. The multitasking and pacing of the game is where

Cook dishes using the Wii's motion controls

it begins to share similarities to Diner Dash. You ultimate goal in the game is to please customers and critics to become a five star restauraunt. Other minigames may relate to keeping your dishes clean and you kitchen free of infestation. You may also have to go out of your way, to please your customers, by shopping for requested ingredients.

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