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Osfala is a student of the Kakariko Village elder Sahasrahla in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Confident in his abilities as a sage, he is on his way to the Eastern Palace when Yuga begins kidnapping sages. Sahasrahla urges Link to find Osfala and get him to return to the village before something happens to him.

When Link arrives at the Eastern Palace, he meets Osfala near the entrance, but the sage is confident that he'll be able to confront Yuga while wielding the sand rod that he rented from Ravio. Osfala's overconfidence is his undoing, however, as Yuga defeats him easily and turns him into a painting.

Osfala's portrait is later found in the thieves' hideout in Lorule. When Link frees him, the rented sand rod is quickly returned to Ravio's shop and is made available to Link for rental or purchase.

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