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Transformative. 10

I'm not here to tell you that this may be the best version of Pac-man ever released or that this is one of the best games available on XBLA and PSN.  NO. This is not a review, this is an account.  I'm here to tell you how Pac-man is all consuming, how it sucks you in and never let's go. This is a game that dares you to stop playing,  a game that constantly reminds you that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.   You turn the game on, and already you are drawn in. You are hit with a blast of neon radiance and...

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Always Eating Faster 2

It's crazier, and definitely faster, than it looks.  The first time I plowed through over ninety ghosts after eating a series of power pellets – a fever dream made possible by Namco Generations’ revision of Pac-Man in Championship Edition DX – I wondered if there was some sort of historical context for why the huge grin was spread across my face. Perhaps years of being restrained by the limited amount of ghosts and pellets on the classic Pac-Man board gave me a greater appreciation of the fact t...

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Pacmania's back 0

 “Wakka Wakka Wakka”, the iconic chomping noise of the nefarious pizza shape pill eater is a sound familiar to arcades and home televisions since the early 80’s. One of the most familiar characters in video game history, Pacman has had the pleasure of appearing on nearly every platform imaginable and retaining its popularity without radically changing its core gameplay.30 years and over 30 iterations later everything changed in 2007 with the release of Pacman Championship edition which while ret...

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Short Burst Nostalgia at it's best 0

One of the worst things about being a PS3 owner was the fact that the original Pac Man Championship Edition was a Xbox 360 exclusive.  With the new version being brought to both consoles, anyone who only owns a PS3 and not an Xbox 360 would be doing themselves a disservice not to see what the hype around the original Championship Edition was about.   The game is the love child of old school retro gaming and new school Popcap short burst gaming which will keep players happy if they just want a qu...

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Epileptics be warned. 0

My previous encounters with Pac-Man were a long time ago, and I decided to get this since I had a case of Pac-Fever.  I did not regret it.  There's not actually alot to say about Pacman:CE DX. There's a ton of different mazes to play in, different visual styles, and even a couple of different game modes such as: Ghost Hunt: where your only goal is to get as much ghosts as you can in one Power Pellet chain (My current record is 99)Score Attack: 5/10 Minutes of score attack, nothing specialTime Tr...

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pretty good game... not AMAZING like some people say though. 0

see the title. thats how i feel... i played for about an hour... really liked it... but probably wont play it again. if your someone who plays things over and over again... then go for it... if you low on cash and have other games your interested in then i would go the other direction because playing a game for an hour on a budget sucks....

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The most frenetic Pac-Man experience yet 0

 The old saying, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is something that could easily apply to Pac-Man's winning formula. After all, thirty years after its initial release and still people play it? That says more about the game's quality than anything a critic like me could. Namco obviously still saw some room for improvement, though. How else would we be blessed with the Pac-Man nirvana that is Pac-Man Championship Edition DX? Building upon the foundation of 2007's ...

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Om nom nom nom 0

Pac-Man Championship Edition DX continues the efforts of the first Championship Edition to reinvigorate and modernize the Pac-Man formula for today’s gaming landscape. And while this is easily the most exciting version of Pac-Man I’ve ever played, a serious lack of content still leaves me without any desire to play Championship Edition DX for any substantial length of time. First and foremost, Championship Edition DX is fun. Within moments of turning the game on for the first time you’re...

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Always Be Chomping 2

My roommate is asleep. She's lying in her bed, and looks quite comfortable. I am currently resisting the urge to make just enough noise to wake her up, but not enough to make her suspicious that I did it on purpose. You see, if she wakes up, I can play more Pac-Man CE DX, and trust me, I really want to be playing more Pac-Man. Maybe if I brew some coffee...  Dammit, that didn't work. I guess I'll just keep writing this review.   Ghosts Train on the left, Sleepy Ghosts on the right.  If you'v...

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So many ghosts, so little time 0

This game is freaking amazing. Sure, it's not the most difificult Pac Man out there, the bombs and the slow-time take care of that, but it's just SO FREAKING FUN. When you get a 40+ ghost combo, you feel like the top of the world. I wish the achievement list was a little bit longer, because I got an S-rank on just the first couple levels without even touching the rest. I still want to the check out the later levels, but all in all this is a solid game.  Try out the demo. If you hate the demo, do...

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Buy this, even if you have purchased the first Pac-Man CE 0

If you do not go out and buy this game immediately, you are doing yourself a disservice. I purchased the first Pac-Man Championship Edition on the Xbox, and later on the iPhone because I enjoyed it so much. I was given an NES with a Pac-Man cartridge when I was three years old, and Pac-Man CE was most fun I have had with the game since I was very young.  When my friend told me I needed to download PM CE DX, my immediate response was "I already picked up PM CE twice, I doubt I need the new one." ...

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Biodigital jazz, man. 0

  Three years ago "Pac-Man Championship Edition" took one of the arcade's timeless mascots and revitalized it with faster gameplay and a greater emphasis on scoring.  With "Pac-Man Championship Edition DX," Namco has delivered an even better value with additional modes, mazes and the return of the obsessive leaderboard system.  Like the traditional "Pac-Man," the primary objective of any game mode is to eat as many pellets, bonus fruit and ghosts as possible.  As Pac-Man consume...

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Pac-Man Championship Edition DX: Review 0

            I have to confess something: I don’t like Pac-Man. Like most arcade machines, it steals more quarters than the urchins who used to panhandle at Chuckie Cheese. And trust me, I had a hard enough time fending off those fiends without help from the games. So when I heard about a new Pac-Man game coming out, I had little interest. But against all my inhibitions, I decided to give the series one last chance, and I was actually pleasantly surprised when I started playing Pac-Man Championsh...

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Pac-Man Fever in 2010 & It Is Still Arcade Perfection... 0

     Pac-Man needs no introduction for what it has done to video games. It is still a timeless classic today eating pellets, not running into ghosts, and then eating them once you ate the power pellet. It took a long while after numerous spinoffs, but the classic formula was modernized with 2007's release of the original Pac-Man Championship Edition on Xbox Live Arcade. A new competitive focus with time limits, shifting mazes, new ways to score even more points, and more opportunities to eat gho...

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If you like C.E. buy this! 0

If you are a fan of PAC-MAN get this.  The visuals, gameplay, sound and speed are all there that make up for a fun experience.  I was not happy for the $10 worth of MicroSoft Points, but I guess thats the 1st price that pops in the heads of the creators.  I have to say I have been on the Pac-Man trip for a while now and CE was really good...but this takes that and enhances the fun and speed of it.  Pac-Man players don't be worried about the price due to the fun that this delivers....

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Pac-Man Evolution 0

Pac-Man has been an icon of the video game industry since the 1980’s, and his image is recognized around the world. The game’s popularity was such that it spawned various merchandise, and the infamous song “Pac-Man Fever.” However, the Pac-Man series hasn’t changed with the times. Although the original Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man remain classics, the other games in the franchise have been mostly lack-luster. Several 3D Pac-Man games were released, but they lost sight of what made Pac-Man unique. Ho...

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A successful evolution of the Championship Edition series. 0

It’s almost foolish to think that Pac-Man—Namco’s legendary mascot that’s one of the most well-known icons of the gaming industry—is still somewhat relevant in 2010. But it’s definitely nice to see them still care about his legacy despite the fact that the franchise hasn’t seen a good Pac-Man game since 2007’s original Championship Edition. It’s even more of a surprise when you actually get down and put some time into Championship Edition DX and consider how well-made the product is, and ultimat...

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