mugugipan's Pac-Man Championship Edition (Xbox 360 Games Store) review

Pac Man Revamped

                Too many titles have been recreated for the HD era. Not too many, however, feel anything like their older counter parts. Along came Pac Man: CE and changed all that. CE feels like Pac Man to the core. The changes made make it all the better, but the creators were very careful not to change the formula. Pac Man has all ways been about scoring the most points. Because of this, Pac Man CE has taken out the levels. In its place is now a continuous timed session. The mazes consist of two halves, the right and the left. When all the Pac dots (along with the power pellets) have been consumed on one side, a fruit shows up in the opposite side that when consumed redraws not only the dots but the maze it itself. The game is much  more fun and fast paced.
               The other two major changes are the look and sounds. The colors are ultra bright and the music has a heavy beat, and to top it off it all runs in 1080p. Its been described by many players as Techno Pac Man. Rightfully so as it does strangely resemble the genre. This strange look compliments the fast exciting game play perfectly.                 
              Those who may complain about a lack of multi player, the best advice for them is to play the original. Pac Man: CE is exactly like Pac Man, one of the best single player experience.

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