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Pac-Man Championship Edition is a recreation of the original Pac-Man experience with faster, time-limited gameplay and improved graphics and sound. It was developed by Namco Bandai and Toru Iwatani, the original creator of Pac-Man. The game was originally released as a Xbox Live Arcade game for the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 msp ($10). The Xbox Live Arcade version was also included in the compilation discs Xbox LIVE Arcade Compilation Disc and Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade. The game was later released for mobile phones, the iPhone, and the iPod Touch. It will also be included in the upcoming Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS. The game received positive reviews from fans and critics, with the only complaint being a lack of multiplayer component. 

A new multiplayer version of this game, called Pac-Man Battle Royale, is under devlopment for arcades.


Pac-Man Championship Edition plays like the original Pac-Man game. You move around the maze as Pac-Man, collecting pellets and avoiding four ghosts, each with unique AI. One big difference is that the game is now played in wide-screen format split by two halves. Once you collect all the pellets on one side, a fruit will appear on the other side. Collect that and the entire half of the original side will magically change to another maze layout, complete with pellets and power pellets. The power pellets work exactly like in the original Pac-Man game, only you can chain more ghosts to gain a higher multiplier by eating more power pellets consecutively. Pellets also now contain a multiplier, starting from 10 points and ending at 50 points. This multiplier will reset once you lose a life.
When you lose a life, Pac-Man respawns in the place he died, rather than back at the original spawn of the maze. Extra lives are awarded every 20,000 points. As you gain more points, the gameplay becomes faster. The game is over when you lose all your lives or the timer reaches zero. After the game is over, you'll see a histogram of the player's score according to pellets collected, ghosts eaten, and fruits collected. The game sends the score to the leaderboards and you have the option of watching your replay.
The game includes six modes (or levels), each with their own set of rules, mazes, and time limits.

  • Championship Mode - 5-minute time limt. Basic mode for this game.
  • Challenge Mode 1 - 10-minute time limit. The maze layout pattern consists of one layout containing tons of power pellets and then multiple layouts containing no power pellets at all.
  • Challenge Mode 2 - 10-minute time limit. The course is pitch-black other than light radiating from the player, ghosts, and pellets.
  • Extra Mode 1 - 5-minute time limit. The game starts off at the fastest setting, and each maze layout has lots of long tunnels looping the left and right edges of the screen.
  • Extra Mode 2 - 10-minute time limit. The maze layouts have a unique style, usually composed of large blocks.
  • Extra Mode 3 - 10-minute time limit. Starts off as a small, easy course. As you progress through the layouts, they become larger and more complex.

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