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Back in a time long ago, a malevolent being known as Spooky brought chaos and fear to the citizens of Pac-Land. A spell created by Wizard-Pac transformed 5 ordinary fruit into the sacred Golden Fruit. By using the Golden Fruit, the brave and noble Sir Pac-alot defeated Spooky and sealed him under the world's only Golden Fruit Tree. Ages pass until one night Pinky, Blinky and Clyde sneak into town and pick all the Golden Fruit from the branches of the tree imprisoning Spooky, thus releasing the malicious being upon the residents of Pac-Land once again. Pac-Man must vanquish Pinky, Blinky and Clyde to restore the Golden Fruit tree and defeat Spooky once and for all.

The game itself has 25 platforming levels and 16 levels heavily influenced by the mazes in Galaxian. Each level will exhibit a different facet of the gameplay. An example of this is a level when Pac-Man must use b-doings (launch pads) to successfully traverse the course.

Pac-Man has a large repertoire of moves as his disposal. He is able to perform simple platforming abilities like jumping and butt stomps, but is also able to bounce like a basketball. While bouncing Pac-Man is able to perform a spin kick that is primarily used against flying enemies. The player can charge up Pac-Man for a Sonic like effect with Pac-Man dashing around quickly while a yellow streak follows.

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