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Paper Thin 1

Paper Mario: Sticker Star is a confused game. It doesn't quite know what type of Mario game it wants to be and this often leads to its undoing.The classic Paper Mario games offered deep, RPG stylings and a great sense of humour. Sticker Star retains neither of these things. In an effort to streamline the game for 3DS, Nintendo have stripped away a lot of what made the older offerings so much fun. The badge mechanic (which was essentially armour equips and stat buffs) have been entirely thrown ou...

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Much of Sticker Star's ambition is unfortunately squandered. 0

From the moment it was originally announced that Intelligent Systems was working on a 3DS entry in the much beloved Paper Mario series, all I could think of was the limitless possibilities. What a recipe for success, too—Paper Mario’s paper-craft aesthetic fits the 3D-enabled handheld like a glove, and the light-RPG elements from past games could help shepherd in a new generation to the series relatively pain-free.Much of Sticker Star’s ambition was squandered, however.Over the years Intelligent...

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It's too bad that such a beautiful looking game can feel lacking in both gameplay and content 0

I must admit; I've never played a single Paper Mario game before. I'm sure it has always been a great series but for whatever reason, it just never caught my attention before. That being said, while looking to expand my rather small 3DS library, I looked up information about Sticker Star. I thought it looked interesting and I could use a solid RPG title for the handheld. So as you can see, I went into this game not knowing what to expect or knowing what made this series so good. Unfortunately, ...

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A lackluster 3ds premier for the Paper Mario Series 0

“Paper Mario Sticker Star” is the 3ds edition to the “Paper Mario” game franchise. Since the start I had extremely mixed feelings about this game. It has many unique and interesting concepts. However, these concepts may have no been utilized to the best of their potential.“Paper Mario Sticker Star” is a platforming role playing game that focuses on Mario’s adventure to collect all of the pieces of the “Sticker Star Comet”. It just so happened that in this game during the yearly sticker festival ...

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Doesn't Stick With You 0

I really want to like Paper Mario: Sticker Star. It has some of that charm that Intelligent Systems games tend to have, but there’s just something missing from the equation. Honestly, there’s a great deal missing and holds Paper Mario’s latest adventure back from being a must-have.Paper Mario, as a series, has generally been about turn based battles and some light RPG character building, with the exception of 2007’s Super Paper Mario. This entry takes a weird middle-ground on that concept. It ha...

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Very Enjoyable Adventure! 0

This is my first true Paper Mario purchase and experience on my own (played a few minutes of the first on N64 at a friends place back in the day) and i have to say it's amazing! This game is unique as it tries to blend an RPG battle system with an adventure game and while some fans of the traditional game might not like this change i feel it works smooth and clean and adds some strategy to the adventure. Many traditional Paper Mario themes still hold in place such as the comedic dialoge,a worl...

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It could have been so much more 0

The first two Paper Mario games are two of my favorite games of all time, period. I still remember playing the original for the very first time on a hotel Nintendo 64 in Florida. My dad payed seven dollars so I could play the thing for an hour, and I remember getting to the Goomba King and having the time of my life. The sequel, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, is without a doubt in my mind my favorite Gamecube game ever, and likely my favorite Mario game... hell, I'll go as far to say my fa...

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