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Paradox are known for the in-depth grand-strategy games that they produce in-house, almost exclusively for PC. This is exemplified by series such as Hearts of Iron and their flagship franchise Europa Universalis. Paradox have a strong history of constant support for their games, with expansions and patches still being released nearly 4 years after games were released. Current games are based on the Clausewitz engine, introduced in Europa Universalis III and later rolled out in Europa Universalis Rome, Hearts of Iron III, Victoria 2, with Crusader Kings 2 due for release in early 2012 and Sengoku due in September 2011.

Paradox also began licensing out the original Europa Engine for free to teams interested, in late 2009 the first game For the Glory will see an updated version of Europa Universalis 2 released with more emphasis on mod ability and History. Other titles such as Arsenal of Democracy & Darkest Hour have since been released, featuring similar changes made to Hearts of Iron 2. These games are released for lower pricesas they are based on a 10 year old engine and will be slightly cheaper. The teams behind both games have been long time fans of the company and bring a whole collection of new idea's to how they envision the games should evolve.

In recent years Paradox have expanded it's business into publishing 3rd party games such as Stalin VS Martians, Mount & Blade Warband, Magicka, Supreme Ruler 2020 and numerous others.

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