PAX Prime 2012: The Giant Bomb Panel

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The Q&A wasn't that bad at all. Great fucking panel guys.

The Q&A was tolerable, but it was pretty bad. Always a mix of guys trying to be funny, guys asking bad questions, and guys who can't get out a coherent question.

I have sympathy for the guy who literally couldn't talk, but I also skip over it on repeat viewings, because it's cringeworthy.

Maybe they should just take actual emails in the future, or let attendees know in advance to bring written questions, so they can bypass the terrible audience interaction and get back to what we care about - listening to these guys be funny and talk about shit.

Or, of course, they could get rid of the segment altogether.

As for me, I'd love to see the return of rarer guests like Jeff Green on the panel. Or even have Will Smith on the panel.

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Glad I'm not the only one that caught that, haha!

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@Trav: Failed donute high five was my highlight for sure.

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I like the complete jealousy in Jeff's voice when Machinima was brought up.

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the 40cent story was amazing

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@algertman: Oh yeah. He's fucking green with envy.

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@Chaosx721 said:

@dcgc said:

What was that Roosterteeth thing? Did not understand.

So I was wondering what that was all about too. I ended up finding their panel on and the part he was talking about. Was pretty much iTunes had some "Vote for your favorite gaming podcast" thing and the winner would be featured on the front page or w/e. Roosterteeth won with like 20k votes and Giant bomb came in 3rd with 500 votes and he said what seem jokingly, "Suck it Gerstmann". Which is funny because they didn't even try and came in 3rd, where I'm sure Roosterteeth spammed the hell out of their viewers to vote for them. But whatever, like Jeff said they have better things to do then to push some popularity contest.

Yeah I don't really see those guys seriously calling out anyone at Giant Bomb, they're pretty cool dudes. Giant Bomb is still totally better.

I bet a lot of the reason Vinny was as quiet as he was, was due to bein beat. Dudes got a baby and PAX is always a ton of work for the production dudes. The man can only take so much.

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@Trav: Failed donute high five was my highlight for sure.

When it was happening I was like "oh maaaan, is this hapening this is so awkward jeeeeeeez." And then I watched it again.

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@algertman said:

I like the complete jealousy in Jeff's voice when Machinima was brought up.

He doesn't sound jealous at all. More like, "what a dumb story, who gives a fuck" kind of voice.

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jeff was on fire.. i so wish they came to pax Australia.

Pax Australia isn't until next year dude. Anything is possible.

Though the way Jeff commented on the announcement doesn't make it sound very hopeful.

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Rainier. Gotta love it.

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jeff's rant reminds me of some of stewart lee's standup bits

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Awesome panel

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I really wish Patrick would just act like himself, he's funniest when he's not trying to be. And his fake laughing throughout this panel is painstakingly obvious. I love Patrick, but he makes me face palm sometimes.

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