PAX Prime 2012: The Giant Bomb Panel

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I was there!

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Yay K-Pax! Where's Kevin Spacey?

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*clears the next hour of his schedule*

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Well damn, was gonna fap, but now I have this to watch. Guess fapping will need to wait.

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been waiting for this all weekend!!

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My body is ready!

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Wow, Dave Lang in an Expos cap!

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I just laid down to sleep. Now that plan is SHOT.

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Judging from the thumbnail, it looks like things could have gone horribly wrong.

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Can you imagine how many groupies were there? These guys must have gotten a lot of chicks that night.

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oh yes

#14 Posted by Milkman (18011 posts) -

By the way, big ups to Drew for working at 10 at night to get this up. We don't deserve you.

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now hopefully killroy will shut up

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@Csaint said:

My body is ready!


Doubt it

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paused the bombcast to watch the bombpanel.

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I can see myself in the crowd!

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Drinking Rainier! Awesome.

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Sleep is overrated.

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Man, I need to watch this.

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That thumbnail was worth the wait!

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Oh man, so much hype for the Cards Giant Bomb expansion.

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With a thumbnail like that, I don't need to watch this. Instant satisfaction.

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and to think i was about to go to bed

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One of the best panels ever. So chaotic, so hilarious.

Also, was I the only one who instinctively said "bombcast at giantbomb dot com is the email address first email comes in from" when Ryan played the music?

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@JSwan13 said:

and to think i was about to go to bed

You and me both, pal.

Also, who were the tools in the white hat and the red shirt? And also Mr. Mexican after red-shirt guy with the mike-rambling?

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goddamnit that molyjam game about jumping on goombas who are your friends is basically Nier D:

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I just about died on the "call out" guy. I feel horrible, but that was hilarious. lol Why is it that every person who asks them questions has to be the weirdest people from the BG community?...

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Drew's quick zoom on Jeff's exasperated, rage-exhausted face after the forty-cent breakdown is glorious.

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Good old Dave Lang, he will be missed.

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This wasn't so much a Bombcast as it was the Ryan Davis & Jeff Gerstmann Comedy Hour. Both are excellent though.

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Jeff and the cashier that robbed him of 40 cents should fight to the death in the Lang Zone.

#37 Posted by HerbieBug (4228 posts) -

Moo Ear! :D!

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Would've loved to see Jeff and Arthur go at Really wanna see that Reviews panel.

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I was looking forward to this! Hopefully I'll be able to attend the next one!

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I'll NEVER be able to go to one of these, so I thank you guys for putting this up.

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Thank you Based Jeff

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@AlwaysBeClothing said:


40 cents

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Man, Ryan and Jeff were on fire on this one.
I think this might be the best Panel.

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Manhunt 3: KLEPTOK!!!

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Fuck! I tried to find the booth and say "I'm on TV!" but kept looking for an Extalives booth. I passed by 2PP a jillion times too!

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Totally worth the hour and a half line.

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That was a fantastic panel. Great job, guys!

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PAX = People Are eXtreme

#50 Posted by TurboMan (8247 posts) -

can we regulate the Q&A sessions next time? Make sure they only ask about the website or something?

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