A story of trolling: How Russians destroyed my steam acct.

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#51 Posted by MonkfishEsq (311 posts) -

Dohoh you bugger!

#52 Posted by MonkfishEsq (311 posts) -

Oh god they did it. Valve removed the account restriction. I honestly expected them to just let me rot for 9 weeks.

#53 Posted by JasonR86 (10066 posts) -


#54 Edited by LegendBL (4 posts) -

Russian are my brothers... Србија и Русија браћа

#55 Posted by DeckardsRevolver (30 posts) -

Those sneaky fucking russians

#56 Edited by VooDooPC (385 posts) -

@voodoopc said:

Every time they tried to talk on global I'd respond by just going "shhhhhhh quiet time" over global.

Don't be a dick on the internet, problem solved.

No. What he was doing was an incredibly tame version of what anyone will do on the vast majority of Arma servers. You just don't talk in global. Keep it in group/direct/vehicle/ maaaybe side but most likely not. If you think that is being a dick, you must be new to the internet.

Spamming chat repeatedly after someone says something isn't being a dick? He got what he deserves. Maybe next time he will think twice before spamming.

Just because the internet is full of assholes doesn't make one person being a dick any less annoying.

#57 Posted by Bollard (6829 posts) -

The fact they can put money into your account, then cancel the transaction causing you to get screwed for faulting on a payment, is both glorious and terrifying. Godspeed.

#58 Posted by Pop (2693 posts) -

lol Russians troll by giving you money. hahahaha that's so fucked up.

#59 Posted by BisonHero (8863 posts) -

@pop said:

lol Russians troll by giving you money. hahahaha that's so fucked up.

I think it's more like "Russians troll by bouncing a check in and out of your account" or something, but yeah, still funny that those guys cared enough to do this. Funny and sad.

#60 Posted by Subject2Change (2971 posts) -

@razielcuts: Create a new account, buy the games and gift them to yourself after the lock out. Annoying as hell especially if you plan to play something immediately but it gets you around it.

#61 Edited by Khann (3164 posts) -

Sweet, sweet justice.

#62 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

My god the Russians are back with a vengeance!

#63 Posted by dudeglove (10112 posts) -

They never actually left you know.

#64 Edited by SploogeStain (43 posts) -

Sucks for you but man, I can't help but laugh. Gotta hand it to dem Russians, they know how to fuck shit up.

#65 Posted by ShockD (2486 posts) -

@supamon said:

God damn Russians... Screwing things over for people in Dota and in ARMA and copying GB.

This is Cold War taken to a new level.

#66 Posted by GloomyTangent (226 posts) -

To quote Crytonomicon: Ask a Russian engineer to design you a shoe, and he'll give you something that looks like the box the shoe came in. Ask him to design something that will slaughter Germans, and he turns into Thomas fucking Edison.

Russians have always been Godlike trolls.

#67 Posted by Simplexity (1430 posts) -

My grandfather did not give me a lot of advice, however he did repeatedly tell me to never ever fuck with the Russians, and it seems he was correct.

#68 Edited by TheSouthernDandy (4033 posts) -

That's bananas. Also ruble is the best currency name.

#69 Posted by Corvak (1442 posts) -

So let me get this straight.

- Russian asshole uses a kiosk to deposit money into someones account.

- Makes their bank issue a chargeback on the transaction.

- Steam's policy is to restrict accounts that have chargebacks.

All well and good, however: Why the hell are Russians allowed to deposit funds into a steam wallet without logging into the account?? Seriously.

#70 Posted by JustinNotJason (444 posts) -

Email Putin. He seems like he knows how to take care of these problems.

#71 Edited by ShaggE (7444 posts) -

That's a shitty thing they did, but you gotta respect the creativity that went into it. After the initial "Oh fuck!", I'd have laughed my head off, found the guys what did it (if possible), and given them props. I mean, I'd still report them, but with a smile on my face.

#72 Edited by FirebirdINF (283 posts) -

10 rubles is about 30 cents, by the way.

And sorry dude, there are a lot of very capable people in Russia who feel like they do not get enough positive attention so they turn to trolling. It is quite a clever troll though, you have to be a good sport, especially now that you got unbanned.

#73 Posted by Deadlydog (178 posts) -

Email Putin. He seems like he knows how to take care of these problems.

"I see...this transaction was made in Chechnya...alright we have a reason to invade!"

#74 Posted by McShank (1654 posts) -

I think they need to make an entirely separate server for Russians. I see this kind of crap all the time from russians and its stupid how valve lets it continue. The one thing I know is that if it takes 4days to get a response from Online support, I will just drive to Seattle and visit them directly as its only a 30min drive away and get that shit fixed same day.

#75 Posted by Sweetz (700 posts) -

So I signed onto Steam today and noticed there was $32.49 in my Steam wallet where there had previously been $4.21. I checked my email and there was an email that 996.01 RUB was added to my wallet. A few hours later, I received two password change request emails.

I still have access to my Steam account and as far as I know my password hasn't been changed.

I don't play MP games and haven't pissed off any Russians to my knowledge. If what the OP says is true about Russians being able to add funds by Steam account name alone, and based on the amount of money, it seems like someone simply made an innocent typo - but then tried to access my account when they realized what they had done.

I entered a support case, but I'm a little freaked out. I'm flabbergasted that such a potentially error prone process exists.

#76 Posted by Unstoppable (80 posts) -

So you went on a server otu of your region in a language you don't comprehend and blame Valve for it? That makes absolutely no sense. The game doesn't have mute like Teamfortress 2? Who's fault is that? Can't use your account for 4 days? Try not having power for a month and taking cold showers.

Not trying to troll here but it's not Valve's fault someone is playing with your account.

#77 Posted by Forcen (2149 posts) -

@sweetz: Keep all your Steam store emails and game boxes with CDkeys you have used handy. Best case scenario: you got free money.

Make sure you don't buy anything with the money by accident while you wait for ansvers, if you have wallet credit and try to buy a game it will default you to use your credit unless you specify another payment method.

Also keep your email verified, don't use your email password on Steam andsoon.

#78 Posted by Sweetz (700 posts) -

@forcen: Yup I'm doing all of that. I didn't see any further shenanigans with my account over the weekend so I'm assuming it was just a simple mistake. Steam support hasn't responded to me yet, but I'm expecting and hoping they refund the money to this person. That said, if a mistake is all what happened, it's not cool that this person tried to access my account instead of just reporting the problem.

I still can't believe this process exists where money can be added by account name only. I mean, people make typos all the time. I'd think that the overhead in terms of support time for corrections and transaction fees would make it not worth it. Furthermore, don't they know what region an account was created in? Why would they even allow these kiosks to access a US created account in the first place?

I realize that adding money to account isn't exactly something you'd ordinarily think you'd need to protect against, but I really dislike the fact that there's any process that is able to access my account without a password.

#79 Posted by Sweetz (700 posts) -

Steam support got back to me today and removed the money. They said my account was still secure as there were no accesses from IPs that I hadn't previously authorized with Steam guard in the past, and confirmed that the money was added from one of these Russian credit kiosks and that this can be done with account name only.

#80 Posted by Octavian123 (7 posts) -

The Lulz..oh the LuLz I had. Thank you and good luck with your problem!

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