Dual Monitor troubles...

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I keep opening a program and it opens on the left of my monitor even tho I don't have the dual monitors plugged in anymore. Is there any way I can fix it without plugging my monitor in again and going through all that trouble of getting it out of another room?

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most programs (games, ect..) will open in the Primary monitor. I guess make sure the one thats still plugged in is set as the Primary Display? Seems weird that it would do that without the other monitor plugged in...

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Right click on your desktop -> screen resolution -> disable the monitor you're no longer using (probably number 2)

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There is only one and its my main monitor

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@RobotSquad said:

There is only one and its my main monitor

So you have only one monitor connected, and only that monitor appears in the Screen Resolution window, and that monitor is set to primary, and YET the program you open appears open in the taskbar below but the window itself is presumably on the other monitor (which means you can't see it)?

Tried restarting?

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If a program that you open ever shows on your taskbar but the window is not on your viewable monitor, there's a handy keyboard shortcut that's worth remembering...

Highlight the Program in the Taskbar and press - WindowsKey + Shift + Left or Right Arrow

Easy way to remember it is that you want to SHIFT the WINDOW to your main monitor.

Hope that helps.

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@MoleyUK: Thanks duder! Somehow I didn't know about that shortcut!

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It didn't work tho </3 lol

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Win + P.

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this is returning from the left

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Plug your current monitor into the other socket on the card.

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@RobotSquad: What the heck is that image?

Also, are you using any double-monitor optimization software like DisplayFusion?

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I always alt-space-m, then an arrow key, then move mouse without clicking to get an errant window on the correct monitor. It doesn't work if the window is maximized.

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No i'm not using any double monitor software

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The alt space m mention is how you moved stuff in older versions of windows when you couldn't get the mouse on it

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