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    This is not a quick look, it's unfinished. A quick look is expected to be critical, unfinished is a less judgemental heads up that something exists. As such, this video is perfect. Some people can't e...

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    @blacklagoon: Nice TD2192 avatar :D

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    I've also noticed this recently, it's not a mile out or anything but it is irritating.

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    Wonderball by introspec & triebkraft (ZX Spectrum) - http://youtu.be/3ojmfIUdp6k
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    Smash It by Elix (SNES, 2014) - http://youtu.be/di_MnKNDfm0
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    Nu by Elix (SNES) - http://youtu.be/wi-NxM1EaXM
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    Cluster & DMA - TIMIT (Atari 2600) http://youtu.be/rWq6AOqCLkA