Looking for a good wireless K/M combo for gaming.

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Right now I am using wired and since my rig is connected t the living room TV I don't have to tell you just how much the cables get in the way.

Not too expensive and I am not looking for something fancy like a mouse with 300+ buttons on it or a keyboard with it's own screen. Also looking for a mouse that's got nice weight to it and good feedback. As far as Keyboard wise then I have no special preferences.


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There are a few mice that do the cable, no cable thing like the logitech something or other that's super ergonomic and I'm sure has the whole adjustable weight tray, and there is the Razer Mamba which I use and really comes in handy when I am doing photoshop stuff on my drawing tablet so I can get the cables out of the way.

Keyboards are all personal preference, my only suggestion is go to your local office depot, best buy, micro center, fry's, etc and play with the keyboards there. I have yet to play with any mechanical keyboards that everyone is obsessing over but I kinda got over 100 dollar keyboards after my first 2 g15's. I have a wireless logitech keyboard that only needs to be recharged every few weeks through micro usb, so it's convenient since I can charge other things like my cell phone etc with it.

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