Looking for a Windows 8 Ultrabook/Tablet, need some help

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With both the PS4 and X1 not being guaranteed a release in Singapore this year, I've decided to time my switch back from mac to Windows to align itself with the start of this next generation of games. Already gonna be building a PC with the aid of one of my friends but I'm also looking into buying an ultrabook/tablet/convertible to use as my on-the-go PC.


Light-ish/small (11-13 inches will be nice)

Touch screen (Because Windows 8 and I don't know, I like interacting with stuff via Touch)

Some light gaming (Mostly indie games probably)

Price range: Less than $1100

Any suggestions for what to ultrabook/tablet to buy that would fullfil my requirements? The Surface Pro or Lenovo Yoga have been very intriguing but I'm not exactly sure of whether they will fullfil my want for light gaming.


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A girl at my college uses a asus zenbook with a touch screen. That thing looks pretty slick.

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Make sure you don't end up with the NT version of Windows 8. I believe this restricts you to apps from the Windows Store only and anything else won't run, even in 'desktop' mode.

**I read this a long while ago and it may not be true any more. I have Win8 Pro on my desktop and it runs fine.

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@zereta: The surface pro seems to do pretty well for the size that it is. There are lots of youtube videos of people playing pretty much everything including skyrim, portal 2 and league of legends on it. Its also got an active digitizer if you want to draw or take notes with onenote.

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