Manhunt Door fix for Windows Vista & 7 and Steam

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And here it is

Question: Why didn't i just directly link you to the website?
Answer: There are 2 answers for this, 1st is because i wanted to let the mods know that the link isn't BS and is further linked by trustworthy website. The 2nd answer is (and i don't know if they do) during the Friday live stream (which i just watched) i was disappointed by the crash and the bug but then saw GB crew didn't enter PCGamingWiki to search for a fix for this. And here it is

HOWEVER: I do not own Manhunt so i can not verify the fix.

PS: I did try and search for another topic for this but i found none, i apologize in advanced if it was.

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...I'm not clicking that.

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PCGamingWiki is a reputable website, even if it was a virus, look at the date it was poster on PCGamingWiki, all anti-virus applications should be able to stop it.

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