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Hello guys
I am building new gaming PC. Biggest problem I have is about deciding with which processor to go. I can go with i5 3350P which will cost me around 210$, or I can shell out more for lets say 4670k and OC it. Thing is, 4670k+cooler+more expensive motherboard will cost me around 130$ more than 3350P. Is it really worth it to spend so much more on processor and OC it? How much noticeable gaming performance would I get from it? With money saved on processor I could buy 280x instead of 270x, but I won't do that now because I would have to buy new power supply,I have 500w now.
I don't play MMORPGS, but I plan to play stuff like BF4 etc. online.
For GPU I am going with r9 270x. Seems like a nice deal with BF4. I could go with gtx 760, but I don't think that it's worth almost 80$ difference. I would rather sell 270x in 2 years and buy new GPU.
Also,I don't plan to upgrade my processor/motherboard for around 3-4 years,but I will probably buy new GPU when 270x becomes too slow to handle new games.

Thanks for advice!

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What resolution are you planning on using?

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The 4670K is by far the better option and will have longer legs than an old 3350P. You need to remember that on the high end of the GPU spectrum there are still plenty of CPU bottle necks and that will only become a bigger problem with the 3350P as you move up in the GPU space over the next 4 years. Mantle does solve this but as it's currently only available on AMD cards and is yet to be opened up to other vendors (not to mention the possibility of those other vendors just ignoring it out of spite) I wouldn't bank on it at this point.

I've always felt it's better to build from a strong base. People change GPU's far more frequently than CPU's and Motherboards. If you swap out a 270x 2 years from now you'll be glad you have a overclockable 4670K to back it up

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When it comes to Mantle and other vendors, I highly doubt that Nvidia will ever use Mantel because they are rumored to have the ARM processor with the next line of GPUs (the maxwells) which basically will do the exact same thing that Mantle does, just on the hardware end instead (which is always better than API/Software end anyway). I actually disagree on the 4670k as the 4th gen i7's are really only catered for mobile devices to be honest because they use a lot less power, and they are OC restricted because of this, there is hardly any gain from the 3gen I7 so if you want to save yourself some money then I would go with a 3rd gen I7, but if money isn't really all that important then go with the 4670k. I always think you should go with the best CPU you can possibly afford but just saying there really isn't a whole lot of difference, none that you personally will notice anyway. It'll last about the same as a 3rd gen (in during time for next grade) as their so close in performance.

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Dunno about resolution, I will get new 23-24'' monitor, in games highest they allow me without laging.
Yea, seems like giving now more money for faster processor is more future proof idea. Thing about my current PC, it simply wasn't worth to upgrade it after I got 2nd GPU, because my processor was to slow. 3rd gen i7 are still more expensive than 4670k. I can get 3570k 15-20$ cheaper than 4670k, but it has 1155 socket, but dunno does it mean actually for me, since I don't plan to change motherboard any time soon.
Friend who works for PC mag gets pc equipment to test, and sells it afterwards. He has nice deal on Biostar Z87X 3D, 40% less than street price, catch is that it doesn't have warranty. Reviews say that it's really good motherboard for it's price, I just don't know how often do they break? I never had problem with mine. In price range of his biostar Z87X 3D I can only get ASRock Z87 Pro3, and I have to pay around 5-10$ more for it, but I do have warranty. He will also have Gigabyte G1.Sniper to sell very soon at around 40-45% below street price,new but without warranty. Stuff like these makes a bit sweeter deal on 4670k.

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ASRock are actually pretty decent motherboards, they used to be a bit on the cheap side back in the day but since the brand has become popular, their components on the boards have become a hell lot better than they used to be, currently using my 2nd ASRock mobo at the moment though both have been for AMD CPU's though. Well to be honest when it comes to motherboard sockets you shouldn't been all too worried really, when Intel release their new CPU late this year, its going to be using a whole new socket anyway, it wont be using either the 1150 or 1155, I think its rumored to be using the 2011 socket but thats just projection right now so it really doesn't matter which socket you go for whenever you next upgrade will be, you'll need to get a new mobo anyway. Biostars are about the same quality as ASROCK, it really just boils down to if you trust your friend that the mobo is good, or if you want a brand new mobo with some warranty on it. 40% less than retail price sounds like a pretty damn good deal, and if your only spending like $70 or so on it, if anything happens to it, its not a whole lot of money to be honest.

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