screen cutting off out of nowhere

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So I've been gaming with my computer hooked up to my hdtv for awhile now and its been fine (gtx 460se windows 7 AMD Phenom 910e) at 1920x1080p. However, last night i think i pressed something on accident that made everything almost zoom in just a little bit to where everything is sort of cut off around the edges. About a half of my taskbar at the bottom of the screen is cutoff. I've looked online and found something called underscan/overscan but that didn't seem to do it and I've fiddled with all the settings in the nvidia control panel that I could think of. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. It's pretty annoying.

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Get a hold of your TV remote and make sure the picture type isn't set to Zoom1 or some bullshit. Hopefully it's a simple fix like that.

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On most HDTV's you can press a button on your remote called screen, or p.size, or similar that will change the over and underscanning. I had the same issue and it's just poorly auto optimization and scanning with Nvidia's control panel since I had no issues with this on AMD's catalyst control center on the same TV. Just make sure your HDTV is manually set to a static screen size and not dynamic.

Alternatively you can manually change the resolution to fit the screen in the Nvidia panel.

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Damn thanks alot guys. It was that button "p. size" on my remote that I guess I had accidently pressed. Didn't even know that existed. Thanks for the quick responses that seemed to do the trick

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