Wired connection works fine but wireless ping is insane

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So I recently upgraded my computer and ever since then my ping in Battlefield 3 ( up to 1200 ping!) planetside 2, borderlands 2 and even castle crashers make the games unplayable when using my wireless usb adapter (do have drivers updated in both router and for adapter). However, when i play Blops 2 and World of Warcraft my ping is extremely low 30-55 and never spikes playing smoothly which i found odd. I've been using an ethernet cable for the time being but the wire gets in the way and would prefer the wireless. I'm not the most knowledgeable about computers so was wondering if anyone had any tips or an idea as to what it could be. Any other info needed just let me know, it's pretty annoying since before the upgrade things seem to work fine on all games. I seem to be able to download at 2mb/sec on steam and everything else except gaming wirelessly seems to be fine.Thanks in advance for any help and happy holidays!

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I'm not sure how your ethernet cable "gets in the way" but you could get powerline interent if your router is far away.

Wireless is poo; always go wired if possible.

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thats how it is, dont do wireless.

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wired will always have better stability and latency than wireless.

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If you're getting 1200+ ping with your wireless, run a diagnostic of it, specifically looking at how many packets are dropped. Since you're getting okay pings with an ethernet connection through the same router, it sounds like either your wireless card or the router is bungling the packets. Check that the antennas on both ends are in okay shape and that there isn't excessive noise on the channel you're using (you could try changing the wireless channel regardless).

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Thanks so much for the responses now that I have a kid walking around and 3 animals the 20ft chord going through the middle of the living room is just paranoia more than anything I guess but I have nearly tripped over it twice now. I do know that a wired connection will always be better but I guess I am just confused since I didn't ever have these problems before while gaming with the wireless connection and now it seems almost impossible minus 2 games which seem to work fine. I am currently at work but will try to run a diagnostic on it when I get back to the house. Thanks again!

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I dont know what you're problem is, specifically. You should defintitely look into powerline, though; it's very cool technology.

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I would suggest staying away from most USB adapters. They tend to be pieces of shit, unfortunately.

I'd suggest running a test through Speedtest.net, see if your ping is as bad there as it is in games. It may be some weird isolated issue, or it may be just that it's not the optimal way to do things.

My suggestion would be to just route a cable to where you need the connection. Unless you live in an apartment, it's super easy, and even then it wouldn't be that hard. You just need a cable that isn't an obnoxiously contrasty color and to run it along the corner where the wall meets the floor. No tripping, no ugliness, no fuss. Another pretty solid option is going for the ethernet over your powerlines. The adaptors are only like 40-60 bones and are super easy to setup, just plug it in near the router and the machine you want connected, and you'll be able to use ethernet without the hassle of wires everywhere or having to run cables.

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Get a powerline, removes wireless, added wired connection around the house through an electrical socket.


something like that.

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an alternative would be to buy an extra long cable, and then wire it properly to hug the walls, I'm going to assume that you have your computer and desk up against a wall, and not in the middle of a room.

you could use cable clips to nail it to the wall, or use cable channels to hide it, which would probably have a higher WAF.

IKEA should sell the cable channels.

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Couldn't get the wifi to work so ended up just buying a powerline adapater and I can't believe I had never heard of this technology before! It works amazingly well and easy to setup.Thanks so much again for all the responses, especially the ones who recommended the powerline.

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