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The piano, also known as a 'Yanopi,' is an eloquent sounding musical instrument that is used in many genres of music. The word "Piano" derives its name from the Latin "Pianoforte." This is derived from the Italian instrument, "Clavicembalo (which many derive Clavinova) col piano e forte." When translated literally mean a harpsicord that ir able to play at different tones and volumes. It consists of keys which operate hammers to strike strings; each key is assigned to its own string of a unique note. The notes are organised in pitch from lowest to highest, from left to right. They commonly appear in two forms, the grand and the upright; however, the "baby grand" has become increasingly popular in smaller venues. The upright is advantageous to those whom appreciate legroom in their home. Currently, electronic synthesizers are not able to accurately recreate the subtlties of a piano.

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