PS3 God of War Saga

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That's actually a ridiculous deal!

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Thanks for posting this, I need another PS3 controller and was about to buy one by itself anyway. The games are a nice bonus.

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Shit, I already have all the games for the ps3. Maybe I'll take the controller and gift the games.

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That is a pretty good deal if you're in need of another controller and enjoy gratuitous gory Greek violence.

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I have three of those games and already have a red remote. I would have considered it if the remote was another color. Still, an awesome deal!

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The translucent controllers have always been my favorite. I use the translucent blue DS3 right now, but my all time favorite was the green one for the PS2. I wish they'd put out a DS3 in that color... Anyway, I'll probably pick this up at some point.

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