What PS3 theme do you use?

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@envythejealous said:

I've been using the Shadow of the Colossus dynamic theme that came with my copy ever since.. well, release.

This! Exactly the same thing. haha

It's still to this day entertaining to watch sometimes.

#102 Posted by Pauper (42 posts) -

I just found this site so Ive been using a ton of new themes. I was super surprised that you could actually install themes on the PS3 that aren’t on the PS store. There free and you just need to put them on via USB. Unfortunately no one has made a Giant bomb one…yet.

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I have the Dark Souls 2 one on there now, but I'm still partial to the Flower one.

#104 Posted by RazielCuts (3066 posts) -

I've been rocking this for a while, that, the concept art of Journey or the Heavy Rain dynamic theme.

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