PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale is Sony's Super Smash Brothers

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Final boss is Kevin Butler wielding a move controller.

He'll be the sub-boss. The illustrious Jeremy moves onto the stage once Kevin's been beaten.

He's true form is Mr. Caffeine


i was just about so post the same^^

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Wow...they have no shame.  At least be creative enough to not rip off the interface as well.

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The developer looks and sounds as interested in this game as I am.

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It's so blatantly Smash Bros looking that I'm interested now.

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@MmaFanQc: you are the one acting a fool to defend a company who wants your money and when they can't get it anymore they don't give a damn about you.

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@robot4me said:

@MmaFanQc: you are the one acting a fool to defend a company who wants your money and when they can't get it anymore they don't give a damn about you.

Yes they only want your money but they want it with a blatant Nintendo ripoff. But Nintendo and Microsoft want your money and don't care about you either.

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It'd be different if there were some sort of a original concepts, and I am by no means a nintendo fanboy, but this is blatant and I'd almost feel like I'd be playing a SSM user made mod. I'd expect nintendo to keep things arcadey and juvenile in it's presentation : lackluster cartoon style graphics, cheerful menus and bubbly combat techniques.

I know Sony has it's cartoonish characters but come on here folks, even those GOW maps look half assed.

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@robot4me: So? It is not the point - people did crossover games before Smash Bros, there were games that played like Smash before it existed (platformers), and there have been tons of different Smash Bros. type games or "Brawlers"; OMG combining elements from platformers and fighting games. A genre birthed from the fusion of two distinctly different ones to make something new? No way. That definitely hasn't occured in music over the last 100 years countless times. And like I said, games like Jump Ultimate Stars exist, which to some have bested Smash Bros. in some respects. It is like how games like Crash Team Racing, Diddy Kong Racing, and ModNation Racers have been better cart racers (at least in some regards) than Nintendo's efforts in the sub-genre, especially lately. Fuck, there's a better Mario Party game than most of those games on the NES called 100 World Story. It is unfortunate that every Nintendo game cannot be even near as motherfucking spectacularly masterful as Super Mario Galaxy 2, hopefully someone gets Miyamoto and Sakurai to check this game out if it turns to be as good as it should be.

@JasonR86: /sarcasm

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@JasonR86: /sarcasm


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Oh this article,


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They have Parappa, why not also add Lammy or Chop Chop Master Onion?

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I'm hoping Ryu from Street Fighter gets in there somehow.

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I'm really looking forward to Playstation's Battle Royale game, but I would definitely like to see some more classic characters like Crash or Ratchet.

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Anyone saying "Nintendo characters are better and that makes me want to play this game less" and the like:

Seriously? Really?

Because I've been playing these characters since the NES's release, and before (Popeye portable arcade machine by Nintendo) and I'm having difficulty comprehending why their appeal is so much greater, apparently, than the characters in Sony's offering.

Some people like things that you don't like. Imagine that.

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