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A PlayStation Move controller

The Move system has to be used in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye in order to work. This is because the glowing orb on top of the Move controller (informally known as the PS3mote), which contains RGB LEDs, is tracked by the camera. It also detects motion/orientation/position using a linear accelerometer, angular rate sensor, and magnetometer. It is able to provide haptic feedback using an internal motor (read: rumble) and is powered by an internal rechargeable battery. The face buttons found on the DualShock 3 are also present on the Move controller, but are smaller and surround a large ovoid "Move" button above the concave PS button. The controller also has Start & Select buttons on the right & left side of the controller, respectively, and an analog trigger known as the "T" button on the underside. On the bottom is the wrist strap, USB port, and extension port.

Some games may require it be used with the supplementary navigation controller (the analogue to the Nintendo Wii's Nunchuk controller), which is able to replicate the left side of a DualShock 3 with a clickable analog stick (L3), D-pad, and two analog triggers (L1/L2). Additionally, it has and buttons, and of course a PS button. It is possible to just use a DualShock 3 instead even though it's not designed to be held in one hand.


PlayStation Move was released in North America on September 19th 2010, and comes in a variety of bundles:

  • A PS3 console packed with the Move system (the PS Eye camera and a Move controller), a game demo disc, and the retail title Sports Champions for $399.99
  • The Move system, a game demo disc, and Sports Champions for $99.99
  • The controller on its own for $49.99

The Navigation Controller is not included with any PlayStation Move bundles, and is instead sold separately for $29.99.

Official Sony Accessories

PlayStation Move Charging Station
A charging cradle with two docks that will charge Move controllers and Navigation Controllers without the use of a PS3.
PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment
A gun-shaped shell that a Move controller fits into. Suggested for light gun-type games like The Shoot and Time Crisis: Razing Storm.
PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter
Another gun-shaped shell that houses the Move wand on the front and the Navigation Controller underneath. For use in first and third person shooters such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4.

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