Let's be friends - PSN ID Exchange

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Hi Vita community! I decided to write this thread in order to allow our Vitas to find together. Just jot down your nickname below, or add your portable card to the discussion if you are interested in adding some like-minded GiantBomb-members to your friends list!


Hey! This is Marino all up in your post. I've built this handy table to make it easy to keep track of everyone. Got questions? Did I fuck up your name? Let me know.

Giant BombPSNRegionMultiplayer Games
AbomstarAbomstarLittle Deviants, Lumines
AlienatedgooseAlienatedgooseHot Shots, UMvC3
AMxKaOtIcDeVdeviantfan23Little Deviants
Asmo917Asmo917Hot Shots, Lumines, Wipeout
AutomaticOwlguymysterioLittle Deviants
BestUsernameEverS1191BLumines, UMvC3, Wipeout
BocamfeathereddripUSBlazBlue, Lumines
BR00KSIEBR00KSIE1987Lumines, Wipeout
CaskStrengthGorillaNightmareUSFIFA, UMvC3, Unit 13
chubbs21Legato21Hot Shots
CzarpyotrCzarPyotrUSLumines, Wipeout
DarkS2KDarkS2KHot Shots, Lumines, Wipeout
delorean99947delorean99947UMvC3, Wipeout
dikfoxdikfoxDungeon Hunter, Hot Shots, Lumines
drgrumblesdrgrumbles76USHot Shots, Lumines, UMvC3
dvdhausHaus513USBlazblue, Dungeon Hunter, Hot Shots, Lumines, UMvC3, Wipeout
EarlessShrimpFoolalooFUSUMvC3, Wipeout
emergencydav1dsaurusUKHot Shots, Virtua Tennis
eschatonikEschatonikUSBlazBlue, F1, Little Deviants, UMvC3, Wipeout
EthanielRainEthanielRainUSLumines, Virtua Tennis
Evil_AlaskaEvil_AlaskaUSLittle Deviants, Lumines
FluxWaveZFluxWaveZBlazBlue, Wipeout
GonmogMoggonUSLittle Deviants, Lumines, UMvC3, Wipeout
GreigoGreigoUKLumines, Wipeout
gunbladewarriorgunbladewarriorBlazblue, Hustle Kings, Little Deviants, Lumines, UMvC3, Wipeout
HayFourZeecoldstreakLittle Deviants, Lumines
hoaznodSekaiwaUSHot Shots, Lumines
HorrifyingHorrifyingHustle Kings, Motorstorm
Hosstile17Hosstile17USLumines, Wipeout
hughesmanHughesman_USHot Shots, Lumines
JBG-44JBG-44Hot Shots, Little Deviants
JeffGonzJeffGonzHot Shots, Lumines, Wipeout
JohnDudebroJohnDudebroUSLumines, UMvC3
JSwan13JSwan138Lumines, UMvC3, Wipeout
KahiKahiFIFA, Hot Shots, Lumines, Wipeout
LameBoxLameBoxAUSLumines, Wipeout
LethalKi11lerLethalKi11lerFIFA, UMvC3
listerfeendlister_feendUSHot Shots, Lumines, Wipeout
m1k3m1k3INESUSHot Shots, Lumines
MarinoMarinoV1USFIFA, Hot Shots, Katamari, Lumines, MLB, Motorstorm, Wipeout
markhughes3000StateOfTheArt-XDUSLumines, UMvC3
Marlowemarlowe78FIFA, Hot Shots, Lumines
Mb246madmatt246USUMvC3, Wipeout
MoonpieMisfitMoonpieMisfitLittle Deviants, MotorStorm
NandazNandazLittle Deviants
nsolo1717rareonersBlazblue, Hot Shots, Hustle Kings, Lumines, UMvC3, Wipeout
paulithonpaulithonFIFA, Wipeout
PeleusPeleus81Hot Shots, MLB
PSUDude66Evilpete66Hot Shots, ModNation
PyrecksPyrecksHot Shots, Lumines
RabbykaynRabbykaynCANFIFA, MLB, Motorstorm
railbird13railbird13Hot Shots, Lumines
RecSpecRecSpecUSHot Shots, Lumines
Redsox44Redsox_JLGUSMLB, MotorStorm
RioStarwindneverendingUSLittle Deviants
Rizzo360Rizzo21UKLumines, Motorstorm
ScrumdidlyumptiousPoopsinkHot Shots
smokmnkysmkmnkyFIFA, UMvC3
super_ultrasuper_ultraUSHot Shots, Lumines
tCobraTama_IroncobraUSHot Shots, Lumines
terabyter9000terabyter9000Unit 13
theimmortalbumtheimmortalbumLittle Deviants, Lumines
thisisalanthisisalanHot Shots, Little Deviants
TJ311WR311USLittle Deviants
tread311Tread311USFIFA, Lumines
ttocst_tocsUSHot Shots, UMvC3, Wipeout
VikingChuxChewdyFuLumines, Wipeout
VisceralBishop24RareBishopAsphalt, Lumines, Wipeout
XtrminatrXtrminatrUSHot Shots, Lumines, MLB, UMvC3
yakov456yakov456Hot Shots
Zet13Zet13Little Deviants, Lumines
zimrastanzimrastanUKMotorstorm, UMvC3, Wipeout
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Should be getting my Vita on the 22nd (probably 23rd or 24th), PSN ID is "sadistmonkeylord".

Edit: I already have a PS3 and am in the UK.

#4 Posted by Enigma777 (6239 posts) -

Good thread idea, but someone needs to make a US one...

#5 Posted by hughesman (314 posts) -

US 22nd, hot shots golf, lumines "Hughesman_"

#6 Posted by Hosstile17 (788 posts) -

I am in the US. Getting mine the 22nd. I am picking up Wipeout 2048 and Lumines. My PSN ID is Hosstile17

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EDIT: Jeeze this is what I meant to do. Sorry mixed up with a temp account I made when I forgot my original one's password.

Get your Portable ID!

EDIT: I am playing Little Deviants, Lumines, and I just downloaded Marvel vs. Capcom 3. NEVER play fighting games, so be gentle!

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SuperCabboy will be mine..... I dont have a ps3. Anyone want to play Unit 13 Co op?

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My name is Moggon. Will be getting the system tomorrow with MvC and wipeout as multiplaying games.

I only have a Vita, so anyone with out one i wont be adding...just thought id point that out lol.

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Shakezula84. I already got a PS3 and a Vita will be mine next week. I don't care what region your in. We can still be friends.

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I'll be getting my PS Vita tomorrow via Amazon. My PSN id is "RareBishop". Feel free to send a FR. I'll be playing Lumines, WipEout 2048 and Ashpalt Injection all day tomorrow.

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Getting a vita on the 22nd, in the meantime, I am S1191B. I will be playing Lumines ES, Wipeout 2048, and marvel v capcom mostly. (Also, Midwest U.S.)

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dikfox here, will be playing Hot Shots, Lumines, Dungeon Hunters and some fighters.

#15 Posted by Hizang (9359 posts) -

Seriously guys why don't we stop this and exchange 3DS Friend Codes?

#16 Posted by JaguarCRO (77 posts) -

I am expecting my US Vita Tomorrow. PSNid is JaguarCRO.

#17 Posted by emergency (1206 posts) -

@Hizang said:

Seriously guys why don't we stop this and exchange 3DS Friend Codes?

Let me just show you the way out..

#18 Posted by phantomzxro (1607 posts) -

Yeah getting my vita on the 22nd (us), will get uncharted, blazblue and stardust delta

PSN phantomzxro

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Sure, the PSN's FluxWaveZ. I'll be getting my Vita tomorrow along with Wipeout 2048, Super Stardust Delta and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift Extend.

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If you are gonna play lumines then hit me up, i'd like to fill my leaderboards so I have some goals to go towards

and since everyone else is

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I getting Lumines, hot shots, uncharted, rayman, katimari, super stardust, escape plan

#22 Posted by AMxKaOtIcDeV (38 posts) -

PSN ID is: deviantfan23 feel free to add me.

UPS is bringing my FEB tommorow :).

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Here's mine. I had to add an underscore when I had to create a new account. (lost a bunch of trophies too) It's disappointing.

Feel Free to add me! I'll be adding all of you! I plan on getting Lumines, Wipeout, and Hot Shots Golf. Next week.

#24 Posted by Greigo (25 posts) -

Getting some Vita Action on 22nd, UK based, will be playing Super star dust, lumines, escape plan, wipeout and rayman origins

#25 Posted by m1k3 (1450 posts) -

US. Lumines and Hot Shots for me on the 22nd

Feel free to add me. I just ask you put "Giantbomb" or something in the body of the invite, just so i know.

#26 Posted by RE_Player1 (7948 posts) -

Add me PSN ID is RE_Player. I'm getting my Vita on the 22nd but I already have a stack of games staring me in the face, especially Lumines which is teasing me so much. Please put "Giantbomb Vita" or something like that in the description, tired of seeing friend requests with no message and having to find out who or why that person added me.

#27 Posted by AutomaticOwl (59 posts) -

I'm into it. First Edition Bundle in hand. PSN: guymysterio.

#28 Posted by SuperCabboy (100 posts) -

When I get my Vita I will go down the line and add everyone, prepare to crush my Lumines scores

#29 Posted by DarkS2K (39 posts) -

Rocking Lumines, Wipeout, and Hotshots Golf here. Add me! SN:DarkS2K

#30 Posted by Gonmog (652 posts) -

I have invited everyone here...just so you guys know, when adding on the vita, it does not give you a option to send a msg along with the invite...

#31 Posted by theimmortalbum (552 posts) -

My vita and lumines arrive tomorrow, and my PSN ID is theimmortalbum. I need some people to compete with!

#32 Posted by thisisalan (72 posts) -

PSN: thisisalan

I've been playing some Hot Shots Golf and may end up grabbing FIFA as well. Feel free to add me so we can start dealing in game goods.

#33 Posted by Abomstar (156 posts) -

PSN: Abomstar

Have: Lumines, Little Deviants. Getting shortly: Katamari, Army Corps of Hell

If anyone else is actually playing Deviants, I'd appreciate any challenges to help with the multiplayer trophies.

#34 Posted by Tamaster92 (290 posts) -

GEtting my Vita on 22nd, living here in the UK...

My psn is foxxie92, add me!

#35 Posted by Alienatedgoose (5 posts) -

PSN: Alienatedgoose I'll be getting it on the 22nd. Hot Shot Golf, Modnation, and MvC are the games i'll probably play the most.

#36 Posted by JeffGonz (18 posts) -

PSN: JeffGonz playing wipeout and getting lumines and hot shots golf this week

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Getting mine on the 22nd too. Getting pretty psyched for it. Already got Wipeout and Lumines, and probably getting Stardust and another retail game.

#38 Posted by Nandaz (4 posts) -

Got the FEB my psn ID is Nandaz Friend me

#39 Posted by yakov456 (1969 posts) -

Same as my username. I'll have it on Tuesday. Also my ps3 tag.

#40 Posted by Mb246 (75 posts) -

US, madmatt246. Getting mine on the 22nd with Wipeout, Marvel vs Capcom, and Super Stardust Delta .

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Getting my VIta on Wednesday, going to play a lot of MLB.

#42 Posted by RioStarwind (692 posts) -

PSN: neverending

I won't have any mutiplayer games on the 22nd but I'm sure that will change later on. But for now I'll have some nice back alley game goods you might want to check out.

#43 Posted by Bocam (4043 posts) -

My English PSN is feathereddrip, I'm getting Blazblue, Lumines, and Katamari.

#44 Posted by Sergio (2690 posts) -

SB75_ I'm not very good at coming up with account names.

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US, PSN: Tyrrias, will be getting Lumines, and not sure what else 22nd...

Also I have a PS3

#46 Posted by lord_canti (1660 posts) -

i think we should just be friends its not you its me

my psn id is the_chojin99

#47 Posted by Consaw (261 posts) -

I should be getting my Vita on the 22nd. Right now I only have Hot Shots Golf, but I plan on hitting up that Target buy 2 get 1 free sale and getting Lumines, Wipeout and another game to be decided later.

My PSN ID is consaw24

#48 Posted by Krakn3Dfx (2706 posts) -

PSN ID Krakn3dfx, feel free to add me if you'd like. Have a Vita and ... at least 2 PS3s.

#49 Posted by RecSpec (4658 posts) -

Will be picking up mine on Wednesday. Getting Hot Shots Golf, Lumines, and whatever else I feel compelled to buy on impulse.

#50 Posted by AltonBrown (967 posts) -

US. Id's LordToastington.

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