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Haven't listened to these yet, my internet has been unusable

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Man adblock is great. Not watching ads is stealing? this is some next level bs.

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No Alex audio in the audio podcast version?

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BRB dying in a fire

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Poor Patrick's been running around in Saints Row without music. :( @patrickklepek it's in the screen where you choose your weapon.

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yay! fix'd!

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Truth beer.

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Turned off adblock and within minutes I had two of those annoying ads that play some video with sound and I'm frantically searching all my tabs for it. It was on one of those shady websites, Gamespot.com.

I turn off adblock for people I wanna support, such as certain streamers on twitch and I'd have no problem with ads on Giant Bomb even as a sub, but ads are still handled like shit.

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A great comic on some of the baggage on the Eternal Darkness had to endure.

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The current system for ads means either I'm inconvenienced or you guys at the site get stiffed, which sucks. I understand why you guys would be mad at people who choose their convenience over your income, but I don't think castigating those people is going to do any good. What I'd rather see is a new option. I understand that's a tall order but I'll be a lot more sympathetic to ironing out the kinks in something new than I am toward lashing out at fans because of how they interact with the business model you've chosen to use.

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Love this, now the only thing left for the Bombcrew is to have Alexis and Drew to have their own thing. :P

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So if my computer gets infected with a flash based virus caused by an ad server which pushes ads to certain websites who will clean that computer of that said virus?

Its been a few years since I last had to completely format my harddrive and install all of the programs but it was usually an operation that lasted for a couple of days and was a very very frustrating ordeal.

So I made a decision that I dont want to be in that kind of a situation ever again and am now using an commercial anti-virus program, a noscript add-on for mozilla and adblock in order to prevent viruses causing any damage to my computer.

A lot of sites have themselves to blame for this situation because they kept pushing all kinds of ads withouth any restraint. They also didnt control those ads that well. A lot of those ads were very intrusive.

Its nice that the Giant Bomb staff has started to blame us for being pirates despite the fact that we are paying about 50 dollars/euros a year for the Giant Bomb subscription. Must be nice to be sitting on a high moral ground.

And Alex that dickdom can go both ways.

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@redfive: No Alex audio for me either. Weird.

EDIT: Seems to only be the DDL that's the issue, I get Alex fine when I play it directly from the site.

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The Ad-Block thing is weird. Yes I can understand how it may effect your business but why do we users have to be a silent partner or part of a business deal that we didn't enter?

Saying it's piracy / stealing is not right. How can we "steal" from this business model when on the money and business side, in terms of ads, is between you and the ad makers? In the circle of ads, the more visitors you get, the higher the ads will pay you so I can understand that (assuming a bit here).

As a user why do we need to help with the ads when financially, we get nothing? If you have to make money on every visitor to the site then don't make it free for anything. Quite blunt but so were these 2 on the show and it felt a little insulting. ( To be clear, I obviously don't want money from ads on here, just making reference that the ads business deal on any site is not ours)

Yes I do want to support the site but being forced to do it (in relation to ads, not subscriptions which take away ads) in a way that involves seeing annoying, distracting , and sometimes awful flashing ads that takes your eye off the main site to the ad, albeit for a brief second, is something I will always want to avoid.

I guess the real problem is depending on ads, that nobody wants but some need, to help pay for things. I appreciate figuring out how to not use ads isn't a simple solution.The content on the site is great and I hope more people support the site, this is just a response to the Ad-Block thing.

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Oh man I straight up don't agree that blocking ads is the same as piracy. Not at all. Not one bit.

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Turned off adblock and within minutes I had two of those annoying ads that play some video with sound and I'm frantically searching all my tabs for it. It was on one of those shady websites, Gamespot.com.

I turn off adblock for people I wanna support, such as certain streamers on twitch and I'd have no problem with ads on Giant Bomb even as a sub, but ads are still handled like shit.

Tried the same thing and got an ad blasting audio and playing video. It was on another shady website called Giantbomb.com.

I. Fucking. Hate. Audio/video ads. In order for me to continue to love Giant Bomb deeply, and to not have my headphones blasted with a walmart ad, I'm putting adblock back on. I'm so sorry. I'm a monster, I know. But I'm doing it.

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I unblock the sites I go to on a regular basis but if it's something I found on about.com or other shite websites like that well to bad I don't need them. I support the shit I want and use actively.

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I use adblock (and ghostery) unrepentantly. I pay for Giant bomb because I care about its existence. I pay for mp3 downloads and I do not pirate games because a good / service is being sold to me and, if I want that good/service, to not buy it screws over the producer. If we equate using adblock to theft then it is implied that something (i.e. a good or service) is being stolen. If there is no direct model for payment then the consumer is not being sold anything. It functionally becomes a public good. The functionality/brokenness of the ad-funded model isn't relevant. Sell your good/service or don't but don't expect people to be morally coerced to 'buying' an unrelated advertising stream. The two things are completely not equivalent.

EDIT: great show otherwise. keep up the great work :)

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Patrick's comments about GTA 5 brought up a sort of worry I used to have about the game last year before they started showing more of it. My worry was that Rockstar would look at the last 5 years worth of improvements in open world games and say "you know what? these things are great and all but we're Rockstar, we sort of put open world games on the map so we're gonna pass on these great improvements that other developers brought to the genre."

Small things that should really be standardized in these types of games, like road signs in the Saints Row games, and the d-pad volume controls in Sleeping Dogs. The only other thing that I'm surprised has barely reached open world games is the ability to play music on foot, yes I've read that saints row 1 or 2 had the same feature but I've only heard that from vague message board posts whereas in SR4, it is very apparent. Which when you think about it, is sort of stupid, especially when you see all these protagonists running around with their modern day smartphones but apparently not one them has any kind of headphone apparatus so I can listen to the game's soundtrack whenever I want and not feel like it's going to waste because I'm not in a car.

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I really liked this podcast until Patrick said something like "reading pages and blocking ads is piracy". I hope I heard that wrong because that is stupidest shit I have heard for a long time and in my kind of work you hear lots of stupid shit. There are so many numerous examples why someone would block ads in the internet like for example when they have bandwidth caps or slow connection.

I make some money from internet ads, run a site and pay for it's upkeep, but I would never hold it against anyone if they block the ads and never would say something as retarded as "you are pirating my stuff". WTF is Patrick thinking?

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On the subject of ad revenue, I would love if there was more transparency about how much this site depends on ads and subscriptions, it's something I've always wondered about since the CBS buy out. I apologize if this has already been talked about to death, I wasn't following the site when it happened so have no idea. I assume you guys get paychecks, health care, etc, from CBS now? Does the ad and sub money go to CBS, which then translates to your paychecks? I'd love to see this stuff laid out.

Not something I'd normally ask but GB seems unique in that you guys might actually be WILLING to share this stuff. Hell, maybe you already have.

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My name is Justin Case. Alex, what do you want? If you don't want anything, feel free to keep saying my name you sexy beast.

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These visual gags in a podcast are killing me. -_-

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Oh well fuck me for paying $50 for accessing this sites premium content.

I guess I'll go die in a fire then.

oh well guys...

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Show is getting better every time. I wish it wasn't restricted to an hour. Maybe some more questions answered would be nice.

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Your discussion about the Eternal Darkness guys makes me think about Mechwarrior Online and PGI's responses to the community going on for the past few months.

They're just... tone deaf to their community.

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Yeah, FUCK AD BLOCK... the amount of people that claim that 'it's okay because it's not illegal' even on this very website disgusts me.

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People will always defend their flawed morals.

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I hope non of you own a tivo or any dvr that cuts out commercials you are simply hypocrites stealing from advertisers I pay more for my internet then i pay for my cable I don't care to look at ad or watch them and I don't simple as that.

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So Giantbomb will re-imburse me for lost time or a fucked computer thanks to these ads or some flash based virus?? Same as pirating? wow. I really have no comment to that it's so stupid.

There's a reason something like AdBlock came to be far BEYOND someone just not wanting to see ads. Try popup ads that are intrusive or FORCEFULLY redirect you..etc.

Clean up your shitty Ads and don't shove them down our throats and maybe people won't use Ad-block

and the two of you need to get off your fucking high-horses. As someone said. Mr. "Wolf"..the "dickdom" goes both ways..as you two fucking show here.

What do you expect though from the two worst poeple at GB. You two moved away. Why don't you grow pairs and find jobs somewhere where you now live instead of relying on GB despite deciding to move away

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I hope non of you own a tivo or any dvr that cuts out commercials you are simply hypocrites stealing from advertisers I pay more for my internet then i pay for my cable I don't care to look at ad or watch them and I don't simple as that.

e-fucking-xactly...I bet these two cut commercials themselves or walk out of a room when they're on. Do you sit and watch the commercials Alex? Patrick? or cut them out/fastforward when you watch something you recorded? It's the same fucking thing.

Hypocrites. Though I guess it's only bad when it's GB you're doing it to..and I bet everyone bitching about users of Ad-Block in this very thread including "Mr. Wolf" and "Scoops" the almighty duo also such things. But they'll justify it as being different. When it fucking isn't. At all.

again....holier-than-thou hypocrites.

You're not "selling" me anything so my blocking your shit ads is, in fact, not stealing...as what I'm supposedly "stealing" isn't being sold.

And for the record I do not use ad-block'ers...but your one-sided idiotic comments about those who do are not only false, but completely stupid to boot.

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I guess I should go die in a fire then.

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@norusdog: How about you just stop listening to or watching content that you don't enjoy? At least that'd save us all from your immature and inflammatory comments.

Seriously, you sound like a youtube commenter or even worse. I and apparently many others happen to disagree with Patrick/Alex as well but we managed to express it in a more respectful manner - as it should be done. It's too bad that this great community gets dragged down by a few bad apples, but hey, it's the internet I guess.

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Maybe it's because I have Norton installed, or I know better than to go to shoddy sites, but I never had a problem with getting a virus from ads, and I have not used any ad blocker software in years.

Also, I love the people who ask if Giant Bomb will replace their computer if they get a virus from ads. Patrick said multiple times he can understand people who use ad blocker software to protect their computer from viruses from ads, and the like. He even went as far as to say that is a noble goal, and he can understand people who use ad blocker for THAT purpose. His problem is people who keep ad blocker software on default for all sites across the board, and just use ad blocker software because they hate the very idea of even having to see ads on websites. That's what his problem is.

Oh, and I love the guy who said he pays more for Internet than Cable TV, so he should not have to see ads. When you pay for the Internet, unlike Cable TV, none of that money goes to content providers. It goes to your Internet provider. When you pay for the Internet, you are paying for the connection/speed, not content. To think otherwise is simply false.

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Oh, and the DVR hypocrisy charge is false. Comparing apples to oranges. I mean, think about this for a moment. You are comparing a service that requires a fee to use (i.e. DVR), to a service that is free by default (i.e. Giant Bomb).

Not to mention, if you are for someone who does pay for a annual subscription to Giant Bomb, there are no ads.

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Only ads that really bother me are ones before videos that are longer than the content I'm watching. If I want to see a news clip, I'm not gonna wait 45 seconds to watch a 30 second clip!

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I was in an apartment fire once, I shattered my ankle jumping out 3rd story window but it was worth it, I really don't want to die in fire.

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Fuck you for using adblock you content pirating asshole. Yeah... the public definitely is the bad guy here.