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Posted by TheSilentGod

sweet, best new addition to the site

Posted by Catlicker

I've grown

Accustomed to your voice

Seriously boys, keep 'em comin'!

Posted by SarcasticMudcrab

Keep up the good work fellas.

Posted by WeaponBoy

Wind Waker HD doesn't have an option to invert the Y axis in third-person (but it does in first person!). It is, therefore, literally Hilter.

Posted by Treppass

really enjoying the show. glad to find out my thoughts on Nosgoth are the same as Patrick's last week.

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I'm glad we got this podcast. More Giantbomb is never a bad thing. Plus I'm glad to see the discussions from a different perspective. This podcast is less about the shenanigans and more about game discussion and I love that. Creates a nice balance.