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Very nice!

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Babba Booey!

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And Tuesday is official.

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I can die now.

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Ebay lets you print postage

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Shout out to other such video games.

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It will be almost impossible to top last year but I still can't wait for the GotY stuff duders.

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The rather big bomb cast

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This is great.

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WOOOO ADS! I love stamps!

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Doki-Doki Universe!!

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Bombcast, put mah mind at easeeeeeee!

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This ad is great.

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I keep forgetting that it's December, fuck

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IN it to WIN IT

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At least I get one podcast this week.

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I feel the need to send shit in the mail now.

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Nothing stops the ______ !

Choo Choooooooo...

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Don't think I can agree with them on The Last of Us. I mean, I know Brad is liking it more now, but his view on it still doesn't match up with mine. For me, The Last of Us isn't only one of the best games this year or of the generation, but perhaps ever. It's a fantastic game. I also felt that the game told you all you had to know, and when it didn't, it was really easy to learn from any mistakes that may have come up.

The game is incredibly immersive to me, just the way you move around the environments and how at times in stealth/action encounters, things can change dynamically. Brad does bring up an interesting point though which I hadn't even thought about, and how you still have the same ammo and health when you're into the next season. I guess it didn't really matter much to me.

It seems to me Jeff just doesn't like stealth in general, and that's too bad. As for Telltale, I haven't played any of their games, but do you think they would be able to make a Star Trek game, and capture what makes Star Trek great? I don't know, that'd be pretty cool and I'd go for it.

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All hail the B-cast! Also, I suddenly want some stamps. Weird.

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I think Stamps.com is how Artie Lange got rich on Entourage

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What I'm interested in is what the Bombadeers decide is Game of the Generation.

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Brads No. 2 GotY: 2 Brothers

calling it

EDIT: Have yet to hear the cast but "how you still have the same ammo and health when you're into the next season. I guess it didn't really matter much to me."? If Brad get on a horse about this little nothing that's really just petty. How does he know what happened between the seasons? Also, it's a VIDEO GAME. But hey, according to him there shouldn't have been a Peggle 2 QL because everyone already knows what Peggle is. To Brad it seems lately that if it ain't an indy game on a console it ain't shit.

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Hey !!! bombcast

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Sponsored by Mario 3D World?! DAMMIT!

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Nice purchase, Drew! Got a SX-650 set myself, sound is fantastic.

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I can't wait to start weighing my own head!

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Did someone mention stamps?

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The 70s definitely didn't have the best audio equipment. And STAMPS

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Yer a wizard, Vinny. An eBay wizard.

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You guys make these ads worth listening to.

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Pure gold.

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What was that offer code again?

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I actually enjoy listening to ads this way.

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2013 GOTY

That is the worst drawing of a penis and testicles I've ever seen.

However, not even that can diminish my fresh-Bombcast-euphoria.

I'm applying stamps to my head as I type this.

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stamps.com really?

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@jeff kid sensation is pretty kickass

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They put it out on itunes as 12/20/2013, that might mess things up for me in the future :P

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Please tell me there's a section on VGX? I know I can go literally anywhere to see other opinions, but this is theonly opinion I've been waiting for.

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I think the ads are my favorite part about the podcasts now. I want ads every week.