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Even after all these years, Pokemon is still somewhat good. 1

Its actually been about nine years since Red and Blue first came out, and spawned the Pokemon craze.  After the fad died down, the cards, the show, the merchandise.  Here we are in the fourth generation of the handheld RPG Pokemon games.  Its actually pretty good.  The game starts off as any other Pokemon game.  Your about to become a Pokemon trainer.  You get to pick between three starter Pokemon, which are always Grass, Fire, or Water types.  Then you leave your hometown and collect badges, th...

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Gotta Catch 'Em All Again 0

It's been a long time since I last played a Pokemon game (ahh the memories of my GBA SP with sapphire sitting snugly in it...good times, good times) games plagueing us in the past couple years Nintendo has finally released one that gets back to the gameplay we all know and love.Story:The story in Diamond/Pearl (D/P for the rest of the review) is the same story we've heard since the original on the original GameBoy back in 1998. You are a novice Pokemon trainer who stumbles into recieving a free ...

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Both great games and welcome additions to the Pokemon series. 2

When referring to Pokemon each and every person falls into one of the following four categories: The first being those that have never actually heard of Pokemon and if that's the case then give yourself a sharp smack on the wrist for living in a bubble for the past twelve years. The second being those who have no interest in it whatsoever and if that's the case then I don't want to keep you, please take this escape rope and make your way quietly to the exit. The third being those that label it a...

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Pokemans! 0

It seems like we get about 2 doses of Pokemon for each generation of a Nintendo portable, and round 1 is here. Pokemon fans will appreciate this game for what it is - it has new Pokemon, a new story, and a new region to explore. Everyone else will look at this game with the same scepticism they always have about Pokemon. The bottom line is that Pokemon Diamond and Pearl do nothing to expand the series in any way. That said, it's still a fun game. The game starts out with you meeting your rival ...

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jbbyn 0


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Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Review 0

            Ever since the release of the famed Blue and Red versions on the Game Boy in 1998, Pokemon has been a wild success. The popular license has spawned card games, television shows, spin-offs, and sequels to the original games. It’s been a good two years since anyone has had a true Pokemon experience, but with the release of Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo DS the wait is finally over.             Taking on the role as a male or female trainer in the brand new region of Sinnoh, you set ...

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You really can't go wrong with a Pokemon game. 0

Looking back ten years, one can see why the Pokemon series was to be such a big success. Cute monsters and traditional role-playing mechanics all wrapped up in one portable package for children on the go. It was played outside of homes, schools, malls, and everywhere kids seemed to wander back then. The fact that there were loads of merchandise, trading cards, and a television show about the growing phenomenon did nothing but nurture the growth of the entertainment giant. The idea behind it was ...

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Gameplay Disappointment 0

Note: I'm introducing short forms in the intro so that you can get a sense of what I'm talking about later on. I feel that short = to the point, compressed.[b]Summary[/b]From the original RGBY (red, green, blue, yellow) Pokemon saga on the GB (Gameboy) and GBC (Gameboy Color), many say that the Pokemon RPG (Role-Playing Games) system has advanced exponentially. I do not believe this is so. RGBY looks the same as GSC (Gold, Silver, Crystal). GSC looks the same RSE (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald). It fe...

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10 years later and things still feel fresh thanks to key updates 0

 The Good: -493 different Pokemon -wifi trading and battling -excellent replay value -tougher battles require good strategy -good graphics for a Pokemon game, or any DS game for that matter The Bad: -Story isn't very engaging but at par for Pokemon games -Would have been nice to explore Hoenn like you could explore Kanto in Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Having not played Pokemon since the Gold/Silver/Crystal days I decided to pick up Pearl just on a whim because it was on sale. I was instantly ...

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pearl 0

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I cant find a pikachu 0

I have put 55 hours into this game and I still cant find a pikachu. I have Pichu, but Im too lazy to get her/him haircuts so he/she(I dont pay attention) likes me better and would evolve. So this game loses a star for that. Also once you get the rape pokemon(Palkia in pearl, Dialga in Diamond) the game gets way easier. This game was so easy I had to force myself to stop using Palkia and got back to using my 6 man team consisting of FIRE APE, MACHOKE, and etc. trading over WI-FI seems like a hass...

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The Next Generation of Pokemon, Is the Best Yet. 1

Pokemon has been around for about a decade now and although it seems to have fallen from pop culture's high interest, it is still alive and better than ever. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl starts off like every other Pokemon game. A young boy wants to become a Pokemon trainer. Simple? Right, lets get started. The count with this Pokemon game goes up to a nice round number, about 500 Pokemon. Let us repeat that, 5-0-0! The largest count of Pokemon yet and although some might argue it, these Pokemon ...

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Pokemon Pearl Review 0

When I first got this game, I thought it would be fun but still have that boring Pokemon feel (you know, going from town to town can get pretty boring and redundant), but when I started playing, it sucked me in and I couldn't stop playing. It still starts out the same, you just went out with your friend when a group of Pokemon attack and you have to grab one of the three Pokemon starters (fire, water, grass) and then because you fought so well you get to keep it and end up going on a quest to ge...

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Pokemon Diamond and Pearl (DS) Review 0

Pokemon Diamond and Pokemon Pearl are the latest entries in the handheld series, and bring plenty of new content to the table, while still giving players the same Pokemon they’ve experienced time and time again for the past ten years or so. The most notable additions to the series are touch control, voice chat, about 100 new Pokemon, and of course, online battling and trading over Nintendo Wi-fi Connection. Let’s start with the basics, though. The graphical style of Diamond/Pearl is essentially...

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Pokemon Diamond 0

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is the first "proper" pokemon game to appear on the Nintendo DS, and it is arguably the best Pokemon game yet.Pokemon D/P is your normal old school Pokemon adventure it follows the same story as all the other pokemon games did, however they've changed the extremely annoying TEAM ROCKET to the slightly cooler TEAM GALACTIC, but still, not much of a difference is there. One of the main differences here yet again as with any other Pokemon game is the region and the Pokemon...

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Pokemon Pearl/Diamond Review 0

The pokemon series has helped Nintendo handhelds from the beginning with it's easy to play nature and childish undertone; and Pokemon Pearl and Diamond are the latest games in the series, and although the formula hasn't changed at all since the first games for the original GameBoy, the few new additions manage to make this one the best overall experience to date. The gameplay is the same as it has always been, which is a good thing, because the gameplay has always been great. the major addition...

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