Would you like to see a Pokemon Snap 2 game?

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I don't like Pokemon anymore but I still enjoy playing some of the games. One game I would really like to see is Pokemon Snap 2. I remember enjoying the first so much when I was younger and recently played through it again. I want a sequel to this awesome game!! I just wish they had stopped adding on Pokemon after the second lot. They were okay but the best were definitely the original ones. So taking pictures of some of those new ugly Pokemon would kind of annoy me, but wouldn't stop me from getting the game! What do you think?

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YES. Pokemon snap 2 if it stopped at Gen2 would be the best thing. Take it off rails too.

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Yes, i agree, free roaming would  be great! Even if someone was to make a mod or something for PC like that Mario Kart one. I wouldn't mind, as long as it's decent!

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Yes yes yes Pokemon Snap was the beedrill's knees. 
so to speak

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Haha, I see what you did there! ;)
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Pokemon Snap XXX

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I would love a sequal. The first game is limited in content but still a good game. The idea is too good to never touch again. Maybe it could even be open world or something, that could work.

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Only if it has more safari and less track.

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What? No! Pokemon Snap was a unique, entertaining and very cool original game from Nintendo. Why would Nintendo make more games like that?

In all seriousness, I loved Snap and I do I hope that another one does eventually get made. I'd even settle for a stand alone game with downloadable extra levels for it, but this is Nintendo we're talking about... Perhaps they'll figure that whole internet thing out one day.

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I think it would be more interesting than Pokemon cross Nobunaga's Ambition, Pokemon themed Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Ranger, Pokemon racing, Pokemon beat-em-ups, Pokemon puzzle games, Pokemon Pinball, and Pokemon patterned undies.

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Holy fuckballs yes yes yes. Get that shit on Kinect or something.

EDIT: Or Wii U. That would make a lot more sense, being a Nintendo console. I got a little too excited.

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Not really, there are no more Blockbusters that I can take my game to to print out my photos.

I've been out of the Pokemon loop since Gold, so I personally wouldn't purchase it anyway.

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I enjoyed Pokemon Snap back in the day, but as a grown-ass man now, I'm not sure that it would be the same.

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Hell yeah, the original Snap was a sweet game, maybe a little lacking in content but was pretty damn fun. You would think Nintendo would have tried a sequel to it on the Wii. The pointer controls theoretically would have been cool to use for the camera.

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While Pokemon Snap is an amazing game and my initial reaction to a sequel would be "Fuck yeah!!" I would think they would add more than the original 151 Pokemon so I wouldn't much care for seeing the new guys.

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Yeah, it would be a hundred times better. Give me like... Afrika with Pokemon--and I mean all of them--and I'm good. I think any child of the '90s would want a proper ass Snap sequel. It'd be dope as shit.

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@Willtron said:


Yeah, it would be a hundred times better. Give me like... Afrika with Pokemon and I'm good. I think any child of the '90s would want a proper ass Snap sequel. It'd be dope as shit.

Your hope and faith is a beautiful thing.

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Fuuuuck yeah do I want another Pokemon Snap. I never minded the track but logically, you should remove it because it doesn't make any sense.

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I'd rather see Pokemon: Oh Snap!

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Once the nostalgia wears off the game would serve no purpose.

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@BrockNRolla said:

I enjoyed Pokemon Snap back in the day, but as a grown-ass man now, I'm not sure that it would be the same.

I, at 24 year old, played through it in one sitting with my cousin last year and it's still fantastic.

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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! sorry I just reverted to my 8 year old self for a second. yes... is your answer...

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I said it two years ago, and I'll say it again- absolutely yes. As long as they leave out all that post-251 nonsense, they can't go wrong. Especially if it's on the 3DS and it's not on rails and...

I just got myself way too excited for a game that doesn't actually exist.

I also want to see a new Pokemon Trading Card Game. There's been like 30 sets of cards since the last one, and now that they have the ability to include DLC cards... Christ, NINTENDO! Fucking hire me.

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I've little to no interest in Pokemon nowadays, that said if they made a new Pokemon Snap game I'd eat that right up.

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A 3DS game would be excellent, but a fully realised, major Wii-U version would be fantastic. Whilst I agree with an open world scenario, I think an on-rails section should still be there, just as an extra mode. I recently dowloaded the game on VC and it is still a good game, but quite limited - it needs many more features if it is to be a great game in today's gaming world.

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If they didn't put this out on Wii-U they'd be wasting a major fucking opportunity and I'd never forgive Nintendo for it. Same goes for a new Fatal Frame game. The console is just begging to be used for photography mechanics.

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I would buy a Wii U (best console for it I think) if a PKMN Snap 2 came out. I want to paly this on my PC or something now for nostalgias sake. This was my -favorite- game of all time I think. It was also the first game I played on my own system when I was able to aford my first N64 with my Christmas money. Good times.

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I hadn't even thought about the possibilities of Pokemon Snap 2 on Wii U. That could be pretty freaking awesome if done well.

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I want a Pokemon game that is free roam, great graphics and most importantly, not on a damn Nintendo portable system.

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