Trading Mega Mewtwo X for Mega Mewtwo Y

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Hi guys, I've been playing with my Mega mewtwo x and I've decided that I would prefer it as a special attacker rather than a physical attacker. If anyone is willing I would like to trade my mewtwo holding mewtwonite x for a mewtwo with the megastone from y.

Add me at: Jesse 2251-5578-1796

Thank you!

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Hello, I am willing to offer you a Mewtwonite Y, but I won't send my only Mewtwo, so would you like for me to send it with a Spare Yveltal of mine?

Please reply so I know how to help you.

My friend code: Jordan 0130-2528-5445

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@jordanluigi2: that'd be fine, I have a spare mewtwo of my own.

Already added you :)

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The internet!

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