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A young boy from Pallet Town is out to catch 'em all

Pokemon Yellow is based off of the same engine from the previous games in the series, Pokemon Red\Blue. Yellow edition adds tons of new and cool features that will keep you interested and want play an already amazing game, full of new experiences. Yellow follows in the footsteps more in the vein of the anime show, as you start out with Pikachu, and he follows behind you.
Pokemon yellow starts out very similar to that of Red\Blue, where you run up to the wild then Professor Oak catches a Pikachu. He then takes you to his lab where you go to get your very first Pokemon, but here is where things change from the original games. Once you enter the lab, you see that the three poke balls from the table are all gone, as you slept in. Oak then clues that he has just caught a Pikachu, and you can start with it. You have no choice in Pokemon, as you start out with a Lv. 5 Pikachu, and then you battle Gary (your rival throughout the game) whom now starts out with an Eevee, and how ever you play out your lineup, he will choose how to evolve his Eevee.
In Pokemon Yellow you'll have to run the same objectives from the original games, with some tweaks in between, and meet different people. You start by getting Oak his parcel, then collecting your Pokedex. Pokemon will now occur differently, with some new pokemon in different spots, such as a Mankey to the left of Veridian City now, as well as level changes from wild Pokemon to try and keep the experience feeling somewhat new and fresh. All of the gyms are still in the same order, but now some have different Pokemon, as well as different levels and move sets.
The gameplay is the exact same, using the same engine from the previous games, as the battles are the same, but all new sprites have been drawn, and look better and more fulfilling this time around. There are no new attacks introduced into this edition either, as the pokemon will learn the same moves as well. Most of the objectives are the same, but the trainers all have different pokemon now, having you to make a different strategy this time around as well. Your main goal is still to beat the same 8 gym leaders and collect all of the badges, then take on the Elite Four, and after catch all 150 pokemon, as no new pokemon have been introduced as well. The music has been retained from the first two games as well, no remixes, except for an entirely different start up screen showing mainly Pikachu and a couple clips of him surfing, also hinting that yeah, later on you can surf with Pikachu, but its nothing special at all really.
The story is more revolved around the actual anime this time, as you will be battling Jesse and James throughout your story, similar to how you fought your rival, and you will still be fighting your rival as well. People you will be battling from the anime will have the pokemon they actually have from the show, like Jesse and James possessing a Koffing, Ekans, and the talking Meowth. Team Rocket is still present here, having you take them down in the same locations, needing to acquire special key items to progress through the game further. Another new feature, is a special cry from the Pikachu you start out with when he comes to the battlefield. In Pokemon Yellow version, when your Pikachu is in your lineup he will always be following behind you on screen, and you can give him items such as carbs or protein to make him happy. You can check his status or emotions by turning to him and hitting A, then a picture of picture will show up, and it will represent what kind of mood your Pikachu is currently in.
Overall, Yellow version is a solid package, and even if you have already played Red or Blue, this version is most definitely worth a play through. This game is just as much fun, if not more, as many appearances happen from the anime show if you watch it, as well keeping you very satisfied as a whole. I recommend this game to anyone who has a game boy, pokemon fan or not, this is a solid RPG experience, and the best you can get on a game boy. With a great story, engaging characters, with intense dialogue, as well as awesome strategic elements to the battles, you should not hesitate to play Pokemon Yellow version.
I'm giving this excellent game 5 stars, as it well deserves them.
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