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Just a bit too short.

I loved the comedy in it, Steve Merchant really helped make the game what it is. I am yearning for more but it’s hard to distinguish whether or not if it is from a fantastic story or the fact it feels like something is missing. The stories were great and I liked being able to share the experience with a friend but the game as a whole is lacking.

The premise of the game is to think with portals but it’s hard not to judge on what feels like re-runs of the first game, yes there was the addition of the gels but for myself it felt like it was latched on to what was pretty much a glossy remake of portal. Is this what we expect from all sequels these days ? A rehash of something we played to death previously ? Where’s my challenges and cake related achievements ? Have I to long for a satisfactory ending forever ?

Portal 2 just leaves so many questions unanswered and just doesn’t have enough to give. I am not saying that it was a bad game, in fact it was unbelievably and inspired on so many levels. I just wanted more, the build up to the game generated so much hype that I felt that I was let down. I was looking for more forest environments and areas out with the complex, not a behind the scenes look at portal.

All this aside I would recommend purchasing it but only if you see it for less than £30 or in a deal. That way you don’t feel as scammed and you can get a fair 6/7 hours play out of it unless you play the campaign rigorously.


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