Prey + Valve =?

#1 Posted by DARKIDO07 (926 posts) -

After the release of Portal do you think Prey 2 will feature a portal gun like in the game Portal, allowing us to create our own puzzles? That would be pretty awesome and amp up the puzzles by 100% I hope they do that, if they did what would the portal gun look like?

#2 Posted by Jman522 (509 posts) -
it would probably like a giant inside out roach on your wrist that sucked the sweat off your skin to gather energy to create portals?

I just ordered prey one for pc, hopefully I find it awesome, is prey 2 supposed to come out this year?
#3 Posted by LeadNinja (298 posts) -

There's a Prey 2?  Wasn't the first one one of those straight-to-bargain-bin affairs like XII?

#4 Posted by Jman522 (509 posts) -
not sure, I know it wasnt SUPER popular but it got pretty good reviews and fans still think its a great game to this day, at lest from what ive read about it

#5 Posted by KimFidler (420 posts) -

I actually kind of enjoyed Prey. 

#6 Posted by Jman522 (509 posts) -
its okie we can all hold hands and let it looks like a fun game^^

now doesnt that feel
#7 Posted by LeadNinja (298 posts) -

I played it and enjoyed it.  But I bought it second hand for about £7 after seeing it for that price for a long time.  And I meant XIII, not XII.

#8 Posted by bybeach (5148 posts) -

Decent game with a good concept/mechanic. A few parts were a little silly, thats all.

i played it through, that says something-,least to me..heh


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