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Prey 2 is the sequel to the 2006 first person shooter, Prey. It has very few things in common with the first Prey and is an open world first person shooter. Players take on the role of bounty hunter Kilian Samuels as he hunts down targets on an alien world. The world offers parkour similar to Mirror's Edge as well as alien technology.


Samuels will have to deal with some sketchy individuals.

Players control a different character to the first game; this time, players take the roll of Killian Samuels, a bounty hunter on an alien planet. He hunts down some of the deadliest aliens in the galaxy as sport. Unlike the first game, players control the hunter, rather than the hunted. Domasi "Tommy" Tawodi will not be playable in Prey 2; however, it has been confirmed that Tommy will make numerous appearances in Prey 2, apparently working alongside a character called Pierce.

The game is set on an unknown alien planet. Although the planet itself revolves around a sun-like star, the actual planet itself does not spin, meaning that the planet is composed of three distinct areas of light - roughly equivalent to daylight, dusk and night-time. In the game, these three areas will act as hub areas. The first and only environment that has been revealed so far is the city.


The game features a reputation system as well as choices. Players are free to do whatever they want in the game world, be it mug people or search for bounties. The way players interact with the environment ultimately decides how the environment reacts to Killian. For example, if players get a job that consists of retrieving weapons, players can choose to bring back the weapons or keep them; each outcome will have its own consequences.

Prey 2 trades the linear progression of the first game for a open world environment centred around verticality. To get around in this hostile environment, the game has a parkour system that is similar to the SMART system in Brink. Killian also has a pair of rocket boots that he can trigger right before hitting the ground, in order to safely descend.

The player will be able to choose how to take out enemies, be it through stealth or brute force, while some bounties will trigger scripted events such as chases. To make hunting easier, Samuels has access to a special view mode where he can scan groups of people to see if any have bounties over their heads. This can be done outside of missions while exploring the environment.

Rumors of Cancellation and Delay

Following E3 2011, where the game was shown behind closed doors and a trailer was released, Prey 2 disappeared for nine months. When most of the Prey 2 panels were cancelled at GDC 2012, some assumed that the game had been outright cancelled.

On April 20, 2012 Bethesda sent out a press release stating that Prey 2 was still in development and had been delayed due to the fact that it didn't match Bethesda's quality standards.

It was further revealed that development for the game had been stopped in November 2011. Human Head wished to re-negotiate their contract with ZeniMax, believing that the terms of their current contract were not fair. Many members of Human Head were laid off during this strike period which lasted at least until March 2, 2012. It is unclear if Human Head and ZeniMax have come to any sort of agreement.

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