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Hanya, dubbed "Harding" in the original English release of Revelations: Persona, is a recurring character in the Persona series. In the original Persona, he appears as the vice principal of St. Hermelin High School and is widely hated for his cold attitude toward the students. In Persona 2: Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment, he plays a larger role. Three years after the original Persona, he is the Principal of Seven Sisters High School.

Innocent Sin

Hanya makes a deal with the Joker, and in return is granted both a full head of hair as well as the total obedience of the students and faculty of Seven Sisters. When the player's party attempts to do away with a curse afflicting the school's students by destroying the clock in the school's clock tower, he intervenes with the power of his own Persona, but is defeated. Hanya attempts to escape by jumping from the clock tower.

After his defeat, a student from Seven Sisters will appear and ask if Hanya is alive. If the player says that he died, the students of Seven Sisters will participate in a battle later in the game. If the player says that he's still alive, Hanya will miraculously appear and provide the defense himself. In doing so, he will gain the true respect of the students, rather than that which he acquired through mind control.

Eternal Punishment

In the alternate universe of Eternal Punishment, Hanya appears only briefly before he is found dead in his office. In this reality, he is murdered by the Joker.

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