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Prison Tycoon is a simulation prison game.  You will need to do everything from managing how many beds are in a cell to how many guards you have on staff.  The object of the game is to either completed the goal oriented mode or just make your prison the best and richest in can be in sandbox mode.

To start off your wonderful (or disastrous) prison, you can build some of the necessities, they include the cell buildings, cafeteria, job area and more.  But you don't just plop down a building anywhere you see fit, you need to also place some guard towers near-by and finally, customize what is actually in the buildings.  For example, you can place the beds inside the cells, making each building as private or public as you want.

The inmates will soon come to the jail, and of course, act like real human beings.  As tiny as they are, they will still prefer more private cells and lots of activities to do rather than sit in a jail cell for 24 hours a day.  The inmates will interact with others and can start up a conversation with them, or a fight.  One of the main things you do in the game, is earn money.   You earn money by reforming inmates, to do that you need good buildings, fun things to do, jobs for the inmates to work on, etc.  You also get money from the government which helps pay for supplies.


There is no given plot in the game, in fact, you are pretty much shoved into this prison and left to begin playing.  Though there is no plot, there are still objective based game types, the goals range from reforming prisoners to earning a set amount of money.

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