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The Best Chapter Yet! 0

Professor Layton and his loyal apprentice Luke are back in their third (of four) puzzle-solving adventure for the Nintendo DS. A time machine demonstration goes wrong, and its inventor and several others disappear in the accident.  Layton then receives a letter from someone claiming to be Luke from ten years into the future.  The Professor’s itch to investigate leads to a wormhole that sends him and Luke to a strange, steampunk London ruled by “The Family”, an organized crime ring.  Even ...

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Excellent, but more of the same 0

Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is one of those games that forces you to think about the criteria for judging it.  Taken solely on it's own merits, it is a fantastic collection of great puzzles wrapped up in a charming presentation.  When you compare it to it's two predecessors, however, you have to wonder if the formula is becoming a bit tired.  The third Layton adventure again puts the player in the shoes of the puzzle-solving archaeologist and his eager young apprentice.  You'll navig...

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Few things satisfy like a puzzle solved 0

I really enjoyed the previous Professor Layton titles- there’s something about the Layton formula that just works in a way that most games could only hope for. Professor Layton and the Unwound Future is an equally fantastic entry to the series, once again combining great characters and storytelling with clever puzzles to produce a charming adventure well worth taking.Perhaps the defining characteristic of the Professor Layton series thus far is that aforementioned charm, and The Unwound Future i...

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future Review 0

Professor Layton and his apprentice Luke are back again to solve yet another mystery. This time around the Professor and Luke are attending a demonstration of a time machine, which promptly blows up and everyone close by vanishes. The Professor goes home to find a mysterious note from a Luke 10 years in the future, pleading for Professor Layton to find a way to his time and help save London for the Evil Professor Layton. That's right folks we're dealing with two Laytons, the present one, and one...

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*POSSIBLE SPOILER*  just like the first two in the series, (the curious village and the elysian box)  it was completely genius. The story line of the previous ones were great but are NOTHING compared to this games story line!!!! At the end of curious village, i cried becase it was so emotional. Then, i cried at the end of the second one as well. So i told myself i WILL NOT cry at the end of this one. You guessed it (hopefully), i cried even longer than the other two! :P. Im not an emotional pers...

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Professor Layton and the Unwound Future 0

How many of you have a significant other who hates a hobby that you have? Okay, and how many of you try to get them interested in that hobby despite the fact that it is a futile task? If you have answered yes to both of those questions then you are probably in a similar situation to me. My wife really isn’t interested in games…not even a little. In fact, whenever I talk about them, I can see her eyes glazing over and the, “I really don’t care” look become prominent on her face.This is normally t...

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