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No depth, no fun, no point. 0

Cosmic Break is generic, derivative garbage devoid of depth. Visually lacking, it fails to provide in terms of gameplay, level design, sound, variety, and other areas I'm too annoyed to think about. They didn't even bother to translate the voices and the text is full of Engrish leftovers from a lazy translation job. An awful game aimed at the largest of weeaboos, stay far, far away. I'd recommend Exteel instead, but NCsoft unfortunately shut that one down.  If you really MUST have ge...

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Should be shot down over Sea of Japan, spin in, leave no survivor 0

Fun for a while, at least until the novelty wears off. Despite the fun, the game is unbalanced, lacks variety, and grows old quickly. Feels like a Flash game you'd play in a browser, and not a game you would pay money to play. Try out the demo on their site. You'll probably get your fill in the 3 hours of allotted time and get bored of it. Altitude is almost worth your time, but not worth your money. ...

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Got a tenner burning a hole in your pocket? Then look elsewhere. 0

 Yet another awful game that will only get played and purchased (please don't) due to a Steam free weekend.Essentially, it's a 2D Unreal Tournament knockoff with strangely high system requirements and a frighteningly low fun factor.  The levels look like something out of a Worms game, with gaps everywhere and platforms all over the place.  I love Worms, but it doesn't work here.There is a variety of weapons, all of which feel vastly underpowered except for the rockets and green energy gun.  The ...

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