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    I bought a PC engine back in April and discovered some amazing series like Tengai Makyo, Xanadu, and Y's. I also bought a wondermega and managed to track down musha and battle mania daiginjo, both of ...

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    Interesting you mentioned the difficulty; Actraiser was one of those games that was made easier for the western audience. The Japanese version is balls hard.

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    Dark Souls 2 Design Works Translation

    A complete translation of the Dark Souls 2 design works interview originally posted over on my tumblr. It features the director Yu Tanimura as well as artists Daisuke Satake, Masanao Katayama, Hiroaki...

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    @pilgrimm1981 said:Reminds me of Outland...I like Outland.I was just going to say that! Outland was a crazy good time, too bad more people didn't play it!