E3 2013: Microsoft and Sony Conference Reactions & Why I'm Torn

Wow. Is everyone else still trying to recover from all of yesterday's events? We hoped E3 2013 would be one of the biggest yet and it really didn't disappoint. After the next gen console reveals there was so much to be talked about and boy did we get those answers. First, let's start from the beginning with the Microsoft conference.

After the reveal I was very lukewarm on the Xbox One. We hoped they were saving the games for E3 and luckily that turned out to be exactly true. Microsoft came out with a bunch of new exclusives which is almost unheard of when they usually rely on 3/4 franchises. I'm most excited for Dead Rising 3. I love the first game and thought the sequel was still fun (let's not mention the spin offs) so I'm really hyped for this game. I like the seemingly more serious tone but it's only one demo so who knows how the final game will turn out.

We got to see more of Quantum Break and it looks as fascinating and as intriguing as it was in the reveal. It's still unclear exactly what we will be getting. Seems it will be released in episodic format like The Walking Dead and will also have an accompanying TV show. I'm looking forward to hearing all the details ironed out but anything by Remedy has my full attention.

A game that I really didn't think I would be interested in but really liked the demo shown was Ryse: Son of Rome. OK, so the QTE's suck and we don't know how scripted it is but once again it definitely has my full attention. Multiplayer seems interesting also and these sort of new IP's are exactly what I'm looking forward to on the new consoles.

Trials Fusion was announced which will be awesome because it's a Trials game and we also got a new IP from Insomniac in the form of Sunset Overdrive. I really liked the trailer but it was pure CG and we been tricked before with early Fuse concepts so I'm not thinking too much about this one right now.

Titanfall was the big new FPS shown off from Respawn and looked cool but wasn't I blown away. People also seems to think this is an Xbox One exclusive which it isn't. It's also coming to Xbox 360 and PC.

I think that's it for exclusives. Lastly came the price which is very high indeed. I wasn't too bummed out at the time because I assumed all the consoles would be expensive (which I'll get to later) but overall it was a great showing from Microsoft. They showed they care about games and more importantly exclusives and that's what I wanted. But Sony had an ace up their sleeve.

Their conference started slow, showing us the upcoming PS3, Vita and previously announced PS4 games. We got to see the box which is just a typical black box (happy internet?) and then there was a lull. Where were the big exclusives we have come to expect from Sony? All the best looking games they showed are cross platform and that isn't the reason to buy the console. But then came arguably the biggest move in E3 history.

The PS4 supports used games, doesn't require to be online once every 24 hours and encourages game trading/lending. Oh, and it's €100 (£79) cheaper. BOOM. Shots fired! Shots fired! What a move from Sony and from the reaction of the room and all over the Internet it may just be the biggest move that will be made this new generation.

So why am I torn? Well I'm still way more excited for the Xbox One exclusives than I am the PS4 but do I really want to support a company that makes such bad decisions. The DRM/used games issue didn't bother me if both consoles did it but now with only Microsoft doing it, it makes you wonder why? It's just creating unnecessary problems that I frankly, I don't need. Also, I use game rental services and that seems highly unlikely to be an option on the Xbox One.

Of course the games will come eventually with the PS4, they always do. The next big things from Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Quantic Dream alone will surely be worth the purchase. Until then there's the awesome cross platform games like Metal Gear Solid 5 and countless others to enjoy. I find myself gravitating towards the PS4 more as they seem to be catering to the hardcore gamer like myself. But not being able to play Dead Rising 3 or Quantum Break is gonna suck. And that's what I'm torn. All I know right now is that Microsoft needs some serious damage control after the bomb Sony dropped on them last night.

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Posted by Protoroll

@_mattallica: I feel the exact same. None of Sony's exclusives entice me, but their policies and the price are swaying me. I'm torn on do I get the better machine from a company that really seems to get, or do I just think about the games and get a XONE?

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@_mattallica said:

Trials Fusion was announced which will be awesome because it's a Trials game

You put this under the Microsoft section, but Trials Fusion will also be coming to PS4. It's no longer published by Microsoft. Ubisoft owns Red Lynx now.

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@protoroll: I honestly don't know what to do at this point. It's such a hard decision as there is good and bad reasons for both right now.

@spaceinsomniac: Oh yeah. I completely forgot that's no longer an exclusive. Good spot. One less reason to get an X1 then.

Posted by connerthekewlkid

@protoroll: I honestly don't know what to do at this point. It's such a hard decision as there is good and bad reasons for both right now.

@spaceinsomniac: Oh yeah. I completely forgot that's no longer an exclusive. Good spot. One less reason to get an X1 then.

For me it depends on what games are launch exclusives.

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@connerthekewlkid: It seems that Microsoft has that covered better for launch. In the long term there will probably be more on PS4 though due to how many 1st party developers Sony owns.

Posted by jaycrockett

Yeah I'm more confused than ever. I came into E3 in the XBOX camp being a 360 owner, looking for Microsoft to say something to entice me into a launch purchase. Instead they seemed quite lackluster and suddenly I'm digging everything Sony is saying? What's going on?

And the real killer was seeing that Windwaker HD trailer. I don't know why but I just flipped for that. Am I really contemplating a Wii U now?

Posted by TangoUp

Ryse is honestly the only game out of the new crop that even remotely interests me. And even that seems to be mired in quicktime stuff and looks heavily scripted.

If it were a sandbox, I'd like it but that seems doubtful since it's release is only a few months away.

Posted by triple07

Totally in the same boat. Nothing Sony showed as an exclusive really interested me. Except maybe that 3D platformer they showed since I always love a good one of those and they don't seem to make a lot of them anymore. (It is a platformer right?) Meanwhile most of the stuff Microsoft showed interests me at least enough to want to see more and the DRM and 24 hour online check doesn't bother me personally.

I think I'm just going to wait for them both to come out so I can see what the reaction is from other people when they actually get their hands on them. There are still a lot of things I'm not sure about both consoles.

Posted by Cincaid
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I always owned all consoles, but generally have a preferred platform every generation. And because this generation its the 360 I really hoped Microsoft would not make such bad decisions as it has been doing. As I like my achievements, profile, the way Microsoft enforces some policies about quick to download patch updates and achievement system (not the clusterfuck that trophies are). But I am really leaning heavy into hopping back on the playstation bandwagon as a prime console and might for the first time ever not buy all platforms (the Wii U already doesn't interest me as I hardly used the Wii). This will also be driven by principle. What Microsoft is trying to do with their console is in my eyes harmful for consumers on the long run. Even if it doesn't affect me much now (good internet connection, hardly buy used, etc.).

The exclusives of Microsoft look okay to me, but nothing mind blowing. They seem mostly to be iterations on existing concepts and these types of games are less and less appealing to me. I realize as I am closing in on the 40 year old mark I may not be the target demographic but the promise of Sony to really put the Indies in the spotlight has really got me excited. I am these days way more interested in what all those developers come up with. This generation I've even fallen back to PC games (which I have not done in ages) specifically for Indie games. Those are the ones that have been the most memorable for me (save for one or two block busters... Fallout & Mass Effect). I was glad Microsoft showed they still understand people want to play games on a console and are putting big effort into it. But except for whatever Remedy is doing non of their exclusives are that interesting to me. They are probably fun, but not enough to make me overlook the massive mess of a system and decisions the Xbox One seems to be.

I also fear as a collector that in 10 or 20 years time both the Xbox One and all it's games will be as useless as a paperweight. Microsoft will eventually close down it's servers and I do not believe they have a backup plan in place. They already messed this up once with their music service. When it was not successful they pulled the plug and basically told everybody who was depended on those servers for the DRM-fused music files to burn the music to disc as they had no way to wipe the DRM and it would stop working for ever once the servers went down. I see the same thing happening with the Xbox One, except you can not save your games anyway possible then....