Lots of games to look out for.

Some potentially great games that may have slipped under your radar.

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Posted by Nelez

#32 Today on Xbox Live! ;)
Impressive list duder.

Posted by Adaptor

Thanks, appreciate it! :)
Looks like Black Rock also checked out this list ;)  Downloading it now.

Posted by ribeye

nice list man!  glad to see someone else tracking Colonial Marines and I Am Alive, i was starting to think i was the only one 
what, NASA is making an MMO? 
what, they're making Alice 2? 
thanks for the heads-up on those, your list is very similar to mine, good stuff, i need to add more comments like you've done, just a line or two of my thoughts
Posted by maimran91

Oh yeah Max Payne, that dudes such a badass
And Duke Nukem Forever? Have you waited for it?

Posted by Adaptor

@maimran91: Thanks for the recommendation. I've neveer played the first Duke Nukem so I'm not really interested in the new one. Without the nostalgia it'll just be an average game I think.

Posted by Apparatus_Unearth

Great list! I keep forgetting about the new Tomb Raider, I'm a huge fan of the series. Looks super cool but I keep forgetting. Also, I didn't know what Last Window was, and I realized I need to play Hotel Dusk. :)

Posted by Adaptor

@birdflu777: Thanks! The new Tomb Raider will be awesome (probably) :)

Posted by Universalize

nice list

Posted by ribeye

this just popped up on the side of my page, still a great list!!

Posted by Adaptor

@ribeye,: Thanks!

Posted by JakenBear

I approve of this list!