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Its $10 for normal people.

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I currently run a site called MonsterVine which is Giant Bomb inspired. We rebranded and launched in mid-November, before it was The Video Game Spectrum

I can tell you it is difficult, managing staff and organization are essentials to maintaining consistent flowing content and traffic. Right now, I'm trying to get noticed enough among news outlets and the gaming community in order for PR to allow me access into mailing lists and to eventually getting review copies.  On top of that, we don't get paid for our work, so we have to try and motivate ourselves in terms of non-monetary incentives such as experience, contacts, and the like.

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Chill out from the plethora of the launch weeks activites by introducing the first of many game nights for the community. This time, the 360 crew will be assembling a sure to be epic Gears of War 2 multiplayer bout while the peeps at PS3 will be catering madness on a stick with Resistance 2 multiplayer.


Our first Monster Rush is tonight - Friday, November 21, 2008

Gears of War 2 Details

HOST: Zack (XBL Gamertag: shadowjak88)

Instructions: [Tentative for Confirmation] Message the host around 10PM EST/7PM PST stating you want to join the game. 

Resistance 2 Details

HOST: Jonathan (PSN ID: MegaClank)

Instructions: Message the host 10PM EST/7PM PST stating you want to join the game.
The host plans for competitive multiplayer first, as the night continues on he will switch to cooperative.

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Black_Rose said:
" 60-70% of the people?

There was no need to make this thread"
there was no need for you to respond either! lol lighten up dude

MB said:
"Black_Rose said:
" 60-70% of the people?

It's about 44% as of today actually. "

Hey that's pretty cool how you can dig up statistics like that.
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Whats the method that you all use to record podcasts if you're not physically in the same room?

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My roomate has the original Fallout and Fallout 2, so I'll be checking that out. Or I'll just get it for myself on, since it's Vista 64 friendly.

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K, GB really needs to open up a store pronto cause I promise I will buy anything/everything that they would sell as merchandise. D;

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I'm SO getting this game.

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There seems to be a dichotomy between people who played the original Fallout series and people who like Bethseda and Oblivion and it seems to correlate with whether they like the game or not.

Personally, I played Oblivion - never completed the main quest because I kept getting sidetracked due to the open world factor which totally throws me off in video games. Never played a single Fallout game.