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I use BeyerDynamic DT 990 Pro (the 250 ohm version) headphones in conjunction with a Fiio E09k amp - it's a perfect setup, I love my BeyerDynamics: Absolutely fantastic, I can only recommend them!

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@Sooty: According to the Eurogamer DigitalFoundry analysis, Mass Effect for PS3 runs quite a bit better than the 360 original:

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I think I'll get this, seems like a great collection to wash away the taste of terrible gameplay Hitman: Absolution left behind ;)

I'm interested in what enhancements (if any) they added to Blood Money, as that is a current generation game.

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At least on PC, you aren't additionally getting phased by terrible performance.

I find this game to be pretty hard to play on PS3 (360 version apparently has a very similar performance profile), the absolutely terrible framerate at all times makes moving around the world easily disorienting and taking enemy camps is pretty hard due to the low fps induced problems at aiming accurately.

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@Napalm said:

Anybody know how Mass Effect runs/plays in the trilogy? Any UI changes or is it literally just a repackaged dealio with that?

I don't think there are any gameplay or UI changes, they are the same games repackaged (not even including all DLC).

According to DigitalFoundry, the PS3 version of ME1 runs quite a bit better than the Xbox version (mainly less extreme framerate drops and less texture pop-in on PS3), but performance is still pretty terrible overall.

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Experiences like yours are really egging me on to get a Vita - I think I'll bite next near.

Would Sully get a Vita? Yes!

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@Hizang said:

Its what made me start this topic, I was on world 3 and fuck those guys suck.

That's the place I was at.

@MikkaQ said:

Lakitu, for sure. Those guys are really annoying. Even as Mario 64's cameramen, they find ways to fuck you over.

They can be bothersome as well, but most of the time are relatively easily dispatched of.

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@Winternet said:

Sure, because WarFace isn't generic at all.

But in terms of securing and establishing a name for their product/service WarFace was probably more unique - as strange as that name is ;)

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While WarCry would make sense in light of their previous game and technology names (Far Cry, Crysis, CryEngine) as well as company name (Crytek), the real reason I suspect they went with "Warface" is probably the fact that "Warcry" is pretty generic and would, therefore, be hard to protect as an unique trademark.

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I bought a Razer BlackWidow a few years ago: Still really love it, mechanical keyboards just are more comfortable to write on than mushy standard keyboards.